UP-146 Visual Aestethics U1 / P1 / UAT1
UP-24 Cadastre and Topography U1 / P1 / UAT1
UP-136 Photography - a methodic instrument U1 / P1
UP-137 Contemporary French Culture (Culture française contemporaine) U1 / P1
UP-151 Architecture Project Theory (Theorie du projet architectural) U1 / P1
UP-23 Design and Representation in Urban Planning P1
UP-161 Architectural project (1) P1
UP-25 Representation in Urban Planning and Landscape Design P1
UP-26 Practical Exercises - survey P1
UP-162 Architectural project (2) P1
UP-163 Arhitectural Final Project (1) P1
UP-145 History of Architecture and Urbanism UAT1
UP-147 Essentials of urban structure UAT1
UP-148 Editing and databases UAT1
UP-90 Documents and Documentation of Urban Planning UAT1
UP-1 Morpho–Typological Urban Analysis A2
UP-134 Urban Form A2
UP-1E Morpho–Typological Urban Analysis E2
UP-134E Urban Form E2
UP-10 Urban Morphology U2 / P2 / UAT2
UP-11 Urban Sociology and Demography U2 / P2 / UAT2
UP-14 Urban Statistics U2 / P2 / UAT2
UP-61 Essentials of urban-planing theories (2) U2 / P2
UP-164 Architectural Design (3) P2
UP-174 One day project (2.1) P2
UP-99 Practical Exercises P2
UP-175 One day project (2.2) P2
UP-30 Botany and Dendrology P2
UP-31 Planting and care methods P2
UP-165 Architectural Design (4) P2
UP-166 Arhitectural Final Project (2) P2
UP-20 Architectural Program Study UAT2
UP-3 Technique of Urban Design UAT2 / A3
UP-149 The European Adminsitrative Space UAT2
UP-150 Management of European Projects UAT2
UP-4 Urban Structures A3 / U4 / P4
UP-3E Technique of Urban Design E3
UP-4E Urban Structures E3
UP-66 Vertical Systematization and Roads U3 / P3 / UAT3
UP-17 Urban planning design (3)- Zonal Urban Planning U3 / U3 / P3 / P3 / UAT3
UP-183 Energy Efficiency in Urban Planning U3 / P3
UP-184 Traffic U3 / P3
UP-80 Urban Public Space U3 / P3 / UAT3
UP-144 Urban Lighting U3 / P3
UP-152 Urban Design U3 / P3
UP-6 Landscape Design U3 / UAT3 / A5 (opt)
UP-92 Architectural-Urbanistic Illustration Study U3 / P3 / UAT3 / UAT3
UP-22 Practical Exercises U3 / UAT3
UP-2 Urban Doctrines U3 / P3
UP-108 Protection and Restoration of Natural Heritage U3 / P3
UP-139 GIS/CAD/Allplan U3 / P3
UP-82 Gardens History P3
UP-167 Architectural Design (5) - Integrated Project P3
UP-176 One day project (3.1) P3
UP-27 Landscape Theory and History (2) P3
UP-160 Urban Landscape P3
UP-36 Landscape Architecture Design P3
UP-168 Arhitectural final project (3) P3
UP-52 Practical Exercises P3
UP-7 Urban Composition A4 / U4 / P4
UP-7E Urban Composition E4
UP-83 Structural-Typological Land Morphology U4 / P4
UP-78 Psychological Approach of the Urban Space U4 / P4
UP-55 Architectural Design Studio U4
UP-33 Professional practice U4 / U4
UP-185 Landscape Management U4 / P4
UP-186 Landscape Planning Methodologies U4 / P4
UP-153 Rural Landscape P4
UP-85 City Park P4
UP-88 Landscape Program Study P4
UP-89 Professional Training P4 / P4
UP-94 License Foundations P4
UP-128 Guided Research - Licence Project P4
UP-178 Urban Design A5 (opt)
UP-179 Urban Design Project A5 (opt)
UP-6E Landscape Design E5 (opt)
UP-133 The Dynamics of Urban Periphery MPU1 / MPT1 / MOC1 / ATDR1 / MMU1
UP-47 Studies and documentation of Urban Planning MPU1 / MPT1 / MMU1
UP-154 GIS Design (1) MPU1 / MPT1 / MOC1 / ATDR1 / MMU1
UP-41 Research and Academic Ethics (2) MPU1 / MPT1 / MOC1 / ATDR1 / MMU1
UP-130 MPU1
UP-71 Management of urban design MPU1
UP-141 GIS Design (2) MPU1
UP-74 Complex Urban Design MPU1
UP-105 Urban Composition - Integrated Project MPU1
UP-48 Landscape Restoration Project MPT1
UP-45 Territorial social analysis of the communities MPT1 / ATDR1 / MMU1
UP-53 Planning policies in landscaping MPT1
UP-49 Macro- landscape design MPT1
UP-50 Mezzo-landscape design MPT1
UP-102 Vulnerability and sustainable development MPU2
UP-64 Town Protection Against Risks MPU2
UP-56 Urban Anthropology MPU2 / MPT2 / MOC2 / MMU2
UP-132 MPU2
UP-155 Strategic Urban Design MPU2
UP-142 Professional Training MPU2 / MPT2
UP-70 Guided research MPU2 / MOC2
UP-131 Dissertation Project MPU2 / MPT2
UP-40 Sustainable Development and Landscape MPT2
UP-98 Technology in Landscape MPT2
UP-59 Landscape and tourism development MPT2
UP-110 Research, Scenography and Art in Landscape MPT2
UP-156 Economics of productive landscape MPT2
UP-112 Guided research MPT2