UP-41 Research and Academic Ethics (2)

The Faculty of Urban Planning / Urban Mobility
1st Year, sem 1, 2023-2024 | Compulsory Course | Hours/Week: 1C | ECTS Credits: 2
Course Leader:
conf.dr.arh Andreea Necșulescu
Learning outcomes:
Placed among formative disciplines, the course aims to endow a future specialist in urban planning and spatial planning with fundamental research abilities, especially those focused on structuring and preparing a research study, as well disseminating the results.
1. Principles and object of scientific research.
2. Typology of research. Research methods
3. Structuring a research study.
4. Stages of research
5. Work plan. Research data sheets system. Organising a research.
6. Documentation and bibliographical research. Source founding.
7. Preparation of research: citing, use of sources
8. Preparation of research: refferences, notes
9. Preparation of research: illustrations, anexes, bibliography.
10. Preparation of research: tables, maps, diagrams.
11. Metadata. Digital Data Basis. Electronic library.
12. Research results. Valuation and dissemination of the results. How to generate added value?
13. Writing and publishing articles.
14. Publications-international national classifications.
Teaching Method:
Lectures, PowerPoint presentations.
4.5 p. literature review, 4.5 p. article, 1 p. for meeting at least one of the two criteria. The literature review and article will focus on a topic chosen by the student. The literature review will not exceed 1 A4 page (Arial 11, single spacing) including the reference list, consisting of reviewing at least ten items to show supportive, unsupportive and neutral issues, theoretical or methodological gaps, and underline new research directions. The article will not exceed 3 A4 pages (Arial 11, single spacing). During the classes it is possible to have short tests, their average grade (if bigger than5, only for presence at 50%+1 fron total amount of tests) can compensate examination requirements.
PowerPoint presentations of the course, provided in electronic format.

Petrișor A.-I. (2012), Abordare și metode de cercetare. Note de curs (Research approach and methods. Course notes), Editura Universitară „Ion Mincu”, Bucharest, Romania, ISBN 978-606-638-027-0, 117 pp.