UP-45 Territorial social analysis of the communities

The Faculty of Urban Planning / Territorial Planning and Regional Development
1st Year, sem 2, 2023-2024 | Compulsory Course | Hours/Week: 2C | ECTS Credits: 4
Course Leaders:
conf.dr.urb. Andreea Necsulescu
asist.dr.urb.soc. Andreea Pene (Acasandre)
Learning outcomes:
The course aims to make students understand the complex social and demographic phenomena, which influence the development of communities. Thus, the course offers to the students, competences in the analysis, description and interpretation of social and demographic phenomena which influence urban life and social behavior.
The course is based on the knowledge acquired in the previous years of study, aiming to consolidate the competences regarding the social and demographic study of communities. Hence, the master students will analyze and interpret data regarding different urban/rural communities, by using specific techniques and methods. At the same time, there will be inserted information regarding the social imagination and description, extremely necessary in the formation of a general image of a community and the creation of a clear picture that explains phenomena in all their complexity.
Teaching Method:
The course will take place in a mixed form, the theoretical information which will be presented being at the same time applied within the territorial analysis (the practical component of the course). The theory regarding the research methodology and social explanation will be presented in the form of a discourse, immediately finding its applicability within the studied communities. This approach has the advantage of pragmatism, thus allowing careful monitoring of the way in which information is set and utilized through the analysis of a given community.
Research report – the social and demographic study of a given community
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