UP-2 Urban Doctrines

The Faculty of Urban Planning / Urban Design and Planning
3rd Year, sem 2, 2021-2022 | Compulsory Course | Hours/Week: 2C | ECTS Credits: 2
Urban and Landscape Design
Course Leader:
asist.dr.urb. Radu Pătrașcu
Learning outcomes:

This course informs students on the urban concepts with a view to thoroughly know the landmarks of the doctrine and to approach the problems of urban planning within territory; also, the course develops students’ capacity to approach information in an interlaced manner in regard to a specific idea, and expands their ability to interpret a new or specific situation.


Space constitution as experience, cognition and philosophy; Professional language
The city – typical human settlement as specific form of space constitution
Systemic approach in organized space
Human intervention on organized space as action of arranging the ambient system
Modeling in architecture, urban and territorial planning
Fundamental urban models: origins , characteristics , practical application, critical views
Urban theory as interpretative support for organized space
Decision and option in organizing intervention in space

Teaching Method:

Ex-cathedra lectures, comments on explanatory schemes, problem debate, case studies.


Tests during the semester + Home Essay (300 words) on a self chosen topic, part of a given theme + Final exam

25% - tests during the semester + 25% - Essay + 50% - final exam/multiple choice test.

Requirements for passing the course: minimum 5,00 average final grade, with minimum 4 points at the essay and minimum 5,00 at the final exam/multiple choice test. Although the cumulated value of the essays is part of the average final grade, these are not compulsory


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