Basics of Architectural Design

The Basics of Architectural Design Department is in charge with the design pedagogy during the 1st, 2nd and 3rd years of study; it manages the design studios for the Faculty of Architecture. Each studio observes the general educational framework set by the Department.

Synthesis of Architectural Design

The Synthesis of Architectural Design Department administrates the design pedagogy during the senior cycle and manages the fourth-year and the fifth-year architectural design studios

Urban and Landscape Design

The Department coordinates and implements the University, teaching, researching and designing in urban planning and operations in the administrative local units, and in the natural, anthropic and cultural landscape, in mezzo- or macro-territories

Urban Planning and Territorial Development

The department coordinates theoretical and design educational process in the field of Urban and Territorial Planning for the academic levels of Bachelor and Master degree in Urban Planning

History & Theory of Architecture and Heritage Conservation

The department is open towards the more recent developments within the fields of history of arts, restoration, criticism and critical theory of architecture

Technical Sciences

The Department of Technical Sciences is a complex professional team: architects, and civil engineers, all of them having their practice, work together with researchers and scholars, most of them reputed personalities in their fields. That is why the activity of the chair is doubly open: on the one hand, to the architectural design and to all architectural topics, on the other side to the scientific research in the field.

Interior Design and Design

The Interior Design and Design Department coordinates the activities (design projects, study of form, optional design studios) that take place within the Faculty of Interior Architecture.

Study of Form and Ambience

The Study of Form and Ambience Department coordinates all theoretical and design activities meant to assure to the future architect the necessary knowledge and abilities for representing architectural forms and details