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UP-99 Practical Exercises

The Faculty of Urban Planning / Landscape Design and Planning
2nd Year, sem 2, 2019-2020 | Compulsory Course | Hours/Week: 2L | ECTS Credits: 2
Urban and Landscape Design
Course Leader:
lect.dr.urb Sorina Rusu
Learning outcomes:

Gaining the experience of design and execution of landscape architecture projects.


Developing a project of landscape architecture with following of all it phases: visit the site and collect specific information, the first phase resides in collective proposals of 3-5 students teams and in the second phase each student will detail individually a part of the project. Project implementation with a specialized team.

Teaching Method:

Presentation of case studies, individual discussion, panel criticism.


Evaluation throughout the project by assessing the work of student self-study (20%) and presentation in the debate (20%) and the jury appreciation of each phase (30% each phase).


Urban Morphology, Landscape Theory and History, Dendrology and Floriculture, Techniques for Planting and Maintenance.

Illustration by Laura Cristea and Cristina Popescu
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