UP-11 Urban Sociology and Demography

The Faculty of Urban Planning / Urbanism and Territorial Management
2nd Year, sem 1, 2023-2024 | Compulsory Course | Hours/Week: 1C+1L | ECTS Credits: 2
Course Leader:
asist.dr.urb Andreea Acasandre
Learning outcomes:
The course aims to introduce students in the field of urban sociology and to familiarize them with the concepts of this specific field of study. At the same time, it aims to teach students new concepts regarding the urban phenomenon in all its complexity, as both built and human space. The desired outcome is the training of capacities and skills, theoretical and practical, to approach the urban space as both built and human environment.
The course is based on both theory and case studies, aiming not only to rise students’ curiosity and attention, but also to get them used to the methods of research and analysis of the social phenomena. Thus, from the temporal perspective, the course will discuss social phenomena that changed and influenced the development of the built environment. At the same time, the course is based on a practical component which will familiarize the students with new methods regarding the analysis and interpretation of demographic data. This part of the course will also be based on case studies, thus ensuring the direct applicability of the discussed concepts.
Teaching Method:
The teaching method is mixed – lectures and workshops – hence combining theory and practice. While in the first half of the semester, students will benefit from learning the basic concepts of urban sociology, in the second part, they will study a community, thus having the opportunity to directly work with demographic data, analyzing and interpreting the urban phenomena from a variety of perspectives.
Research report – the social and demographic study of a given community
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