UP-175 One day project (2.2)

The Faculty of Urban Planning / Landscape Design and Planning
2nd Year, sem 2, 2023-2024 | Compulsory Course | Hours/Week: - | ECTS Credits: 1
Course Leader:
lect.dr.arh. Simona Butnariu
Teaching Staff:
dr. urb. Andreea Acasandre dr.urb. Sorin Manea
Learning outcomes:
1. Testing the way of solving urbani nfill in an existing context.
2. Testing the way in which the students solve graphically a given topic (poster).
In the first instance, students must analyze the particularities of the given topic.
Based on this analysis, they will proceed to the elaboration of the sketch.
Teaching Method:
Time for the test: 8 hours.
The test is individual exercise without guiding.
EVALUATION CRITERIA (as appropriate)
1. The adaptability to the existing context;
2. The originality of the proposal and the way of composing the spaces and volumes, but also the reporting to the functional and aesthetic conditionings of the site;
3. Solving functionally and formally the composition, the correct dimensioning and designing of the urban spaces;
4. Correctness and correct technical gauge of the designed spaces;
5. Accuracy and expressiveness of the sketch.
The drawing technique can be optional, on a 50x70 format portrait.
Laurian, R.- “Urbanismul” ( II1858)
DERER, Petre- “Locuirea urbana”
MERLIN, Pierre, CHOAY, Francoise, “Morphologie urbaine et parcellaire” (I 8628)
LYNCH, Kevin “Good city form” (II 5325)
*** Romanian Regulation (III 3799)
GALLION, A., EISNER, S.- “The urban pattern – City Planning and design” (II 5086)
LYNCH, K, HACK, G. - “Site planning” (II 5096)
SZCZOT, Frederic - “Elements analitiques de l’espace urbain“