UP-150 Management of European Projects

The Faculty of Urban Planning / Urbanism and Territorial Management
2nd Year, sem 2, 2023-2024 | Compulsory Course | Hours/Week: 2C | ECTS Credits: 3
Course Leader:
lect.dr.arh Cristina Hurduc
Learning outcomes:
Understanding the complex issues of European project management and acquiring the main knowledge related to the framework content, objectives, projects and actors involved for various categories of funding
The main aspects of the course are:
• theory - types of funding, European strategy, grants, programs, projects, types of beneficiaries
Course content:
C1 General data - types of financing, basic notions and tools, communication skills
C2 Quality and financing management
C3 Funding Categories, U.E. Budget and administration
C4 Target group, actors involved, rules and enforcement regulations
C5 Main components of a project, case study
C6 Quality management, monitoring and evaluation
C7 - Example of project writing for financing from the U.E. budget.
Teaching Method:
PPT course support presentation
Theoretical information from the course and information documented online will be used to perform a practical paper (A4 format - 3pg)
web addresses contained in PPT course support