• Courses


ST-114 Basic Structural Analysis A1
ST-3 Building Materials A1
ST-114E Basic Structural Analysis E1
ST-3E Materiale de construcție E1
ST-25 History of Building Techniques C1
ST-102 Introduction to Architectural Technology C1
ST-48 Constructions and Constructions Materials (Construction 1) U1 / P1
ST-68 Constructions (1) UAT1
ST-33 Building Materials I1 / D1 / M1
ST-103 Building structures A2
ST-5 Architectural Construction in Wood and Steel A2
ST-8 Architectural Construction in Masonry and Concrete A2
ST-116 Practical Applications - Architectural Technology (1) A2
ST-103E Building structures E2
ST-5E Architectural Construction in Wood and Steel E2
ST-8E Architectural Construction in Masonry and Concrete E2
ST-116E Practical Applications - Architectural Technology (1) E2
ST-64 Introduction to Structures Restoration (1) C2
ST-26 Building Materials and Techniques (1) C2
ST-27 Building Materials and Techniques (2) C2
ST-29 Practical Exercises (Construction Works) C2
ST-49 Construction (2) U2 / P2 / UAT2
ST-50 Finishings and Equipments U2 / UAT2
ST-51 Structural Engineering U2
ST-34 Constructive Systems I2
ST-36 Building Statics and Materials' Strength I2 / D2 / M2
ST-35 Architectural Finishes I2
ST-19 Structural Engineering A3
ST-88 Architectural Detailing (1) A3
ST-85 Introduction to Buildings' Physics A3 / C3
ST-106 Practical Applications - Architectural Technology (2) A3
ST-87 Architectural Technology Design Studio (1) A3
ST-89 Architectural Detailing (2) A3
ST-11 Building Equipments A3
ST-14 Practical Activities (Construction Site) A3
ST-19E Structural Engineering E3
ST-88E Architectural Detailing (1) E3
ST-85E Introduction to Buildings' Physics E3
ST-106E Practical Applications - Architectural Technology (2) E3
ST-87E Architectural Technology Design Studio (1) E3
ST-89E Architectural Detailing (2) E3
ST-11E Building Equipments E3
ST-14E Practical Activities (Construction Site) E3
ST-65 Introduction to Structures Restoration (2) C3
ST-111 Architectural Detailing (1) C3
ST-109 Building Equipments C3
ST-32 Architectural Restoration C3
ST-112 Architectural Detailing (2) C3
ST-97 Pathology and treatment C3
ST-71 Urban and Equipment Design Planning U3 / P3 / UAT3
ST-37 Building Equipments I3
ST-40 Building Structures I3
ST-41 Architectural Detailing Design Studio I3
ST-93 Coating Materials - Paintings D3 / M3
ST-92 Ceramics, Glass, Resins and Composite Materials D3 / M3
ST-31 Design Structures D3
ST-16 Architectural Technology Design Studio (2) A4
ST-82 Exigences and Performances in Construction A4
ST-78 Buildings' Physics (2) A4
ST-115 Special Structures A4
ST-107 Modern Technologie for Structural Interventions on Existing Buildings A4 (opt)
ST-58 Metal in Architecture - Aesthetics and Technology A4 (opt)
ST-70 Technology for Sustainable Habitat A4 (opt)
ST-113 Inclusive Architecture / Universal Design A4 (opt)
ST-99 Contemporary Materials A4 (opt)
ST-16E Architectural Technology Design Studio (2) E4
ST-82E Exigences and Performances in Construction E4
ST-78E Buildings' Physics (2) E4
ST-115E Special Structures E4
ST-70E Technology for Sustainable Habitat E4 (opt)
ST-99E Contemporary Materials E4 (opt)
ST-101 Sustainability and Technology in Interior Architecture I4
ST-15 Buildings' Physics (1) I4
ST-43 Restoration - Design I4
ST-90 Complex Technical Project I4
ST-39 Meta Aesthetics and Technology I4 (opt) / D4 (opt)
ST-23 Architectural Technology Design Studio (4) A5
ST-110 Building Equipments (2). Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology A5 (opt)
ST-60 Current Trends in Structural Design A5 (opt)
ST-54 Rehabilitation of Built Stock A5 (opt)
ST-81 Rehabilitation of Built Stock (Design Studio) A5 (opt)
ST-21 High Performance Structures A5 (opt)
ST-59 Sustainable architecture A5 (opt)
ST-84 Design Studio - Sustainable Architecture A5 (opt)
ST-23E Architectural Technology Design Studio (4) E5
ST-59E Sustainable architecture E5 (opt)
ST-84E Design Studio - Sustainable Architecture E5 (opt)
ST-100 Restoration, Detailing Guidance - Studio Project I5
ST-24 Economic and Social Efficiency of Investments A6
ST-24E Economic and Social Efficiency of Investments E6