ST-24 Economic and Social Efficiency of Investments

The Faculty of Architecture / Architecture
6th Year, sem 1, 2022-2023 | Compulsory Course | Hours/Week: 2C | ECTS Credits: 2
Technical Sciences
Course Leader:
conf. Gabriel Negoescu
Teaching language:
Learning outcomes:
Acquiring the extraprofesionale knowledge necessary to carry out the optimum professional duties. Understanding the economic and legal context of the activity of architectural design.
Economic efficiency of the design elements; Economic efficiency of the process of building; Economic efficiency of the investment. The division of the human activities on economy sectors. The specificity of the construction sector and of the design as a service; Occupations, professions, positions; Investment. Efficiency of the investments; Modes of operation of the architectural profession. Employee and employer. Notions of work rights; Companies. Legal and economic aspects; Business Plan. Features of the design team. SWOT Analysis; Order of Architects. Methods of assessing the cost and price design. Contract services. Design manager contract. Consultancy contract; Sources of financing investment. The design and content of technical and economic documentation of investment; Creating specifications; Building Works contract; Methods of assessing the cost and price investment; Indices, indicators, measurements; Price evaluations; Assessment of land for building and construction; Construction financing. Analysis. Indicators and indices of economic efficiency of investment; Scientific methods to build. Methods of increasing efficiency in construction.
Teaching Method:
An lecture with guests (legal adviser, architecture office manager, manager of an construction firm). Illustrated lectures.
Oral examination
T Muir, Rance, Collaborative Practice in The Built Environment, E&FN Spon, 1995 Tony Collier, Design, Technology and Development Process, E&FN Spon, 1995 R.M. Belbin, Management Teams; Why they succeed or fail, E&FN Spon Sir Michael Latham, Constructing the Team D. Chappell, C. Willis, The Architect in Practice, Blackwell Science, 1992 JJ Scott, Architectural Practice, Butterworths, 1985