ST-37 Building Equipments

The Faculty of Interior Architecture / Interior Architecture
3rd Year, sem 1, 2023-2024 | Compulsory Course | Hours/Week: 1C+1S | ECTS Credits: 2
Fișa disciplinei:
ST-37 Echipamente si instalatii.pdf
Technical Sciences
Course Leader:
lect. Alexandru Mircea Iatan
Teaching Staff:
lector. dr. ing. Alexandru IATAN
Learning outcomes:
The acquisition of basic knowledge enables a correct conception of buildings and facilitates dialogue and collaboration with other specialists. involving the accurate use of specialized notions and terms, as well as applying of general principles to ensure the viability of the built environment. Furthermore, use the correct application to reduce the impact on the environment. Promotion for sustainable practices in construction and design, ultimately contributing to the creation of healthier and more environmentally friendly built environments.
1.Sanitary plumbing. Domestic and Rainwater Sewers. Operating Principles. Treatment and Reuse of Greywater and Rainwater. Equipment's. Technical Spaces.
2. Sanitary Plumbing. Cold (Potable) Water. Connection to network utilities. Technical Spaces. Types of Interior Distribution Networks.
3.Sanitary plumbing. Domestic Hot Water. Preparation. Technical Spaces. Local vs Centralized Distribution. Use of Renewable Energy Sources.
4. HVAC systems. Introduction. Thermal Comfort. Indoor Air Quality. Concepts. Definitions. Parameters. Pollution Sources . Sick Building Syndrome.
5.HVAC systems. Principles. Preliminary Requirements for Technical Spaces Related to HVAC equipment's. Equipment's. Technical Spaces. Integration of HVAC Systems into the Final Layout Concept.
6.Electrical systems. Equipment and Materials - Cables and Cable Distribution. Technical Spaces for Electrical systems. Artificial Lighting. Types of Lighting Systems. Emergency Lighting.
7.Electrical systems. Communication Systems. Automation Systems. Technical Monitoring and Alarms. Security Systems.
1.Sanitary plumbing. Supply of Cold/Hot Domestic Water. Domestic and Rainwater Sewerage. Equipment. Technical Spaces. Technical Shafts.
2.HVAC systems. Distribution of Heating/Cooling Agent. Equipment. Technical Spaces. Technical Shafts.
3.Electrical systems. Electrical Panels. Junction Boxes. Lighting Fixtures. Outlets. Equipment. Technical Spaces. Technical Shafts.
Teaching Method:
Presentations using .ppt sources; laboratory and reference objectives visits; student-teacher dialogues
Summative, written exam, multiple choice exam, 30 questions to be answered, one or two correct answers (70% from total) and design project - building equipment for 1 apartment-flat (30% from total)
1. Manualul Inginerului de Instalatii 4 volume - 2010 – Editie II revizuită
2. Mechanical and electrical systems in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction, 5th Ed, Frank Dagostino, Joseph Wujek
3. Instalații – echipare. Note de curs – format electronic – Alexandru Mircea IATAN
4. Instalații – echipare. Note de curs – format electronic – Ana Maria BIRO
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