ST-103 Building structures

The Faculty of Architecture / Architecture
2nd Year, sem 1, 2023-2024 | Compulsory Course | Hours/Week: 3C | ECTS Credits: 3
Course Leader:
lect. Vlad Petrescu
Teaching Staff:
lector Vlad Petrescu
Teaching language:
Learning outcomes:
The course is intended for architecture students who aim to obtain the basic knowledge necessary for the scientific conception, design, constructive composition and rational, optimal use of building elements and their groups within the overall design of the building, determined by a complex of physical and economic data. .
The course also aims to present the structures and infrastructures for constructions with concerns about the interdependence between the structure and its conditions of realization: technology, organization, economy.
The course follow-up provides the premises for:
1. Understanding the history and philosophy of structural design codes;
2. Understanding the fundamentals of structural dynamics and seismic engineering;
3. Ability to analyze the fundamental factors that control the structural response;
4. Ability to perform simplified calculation and / or pre-sizing of structural elements in a common structure, simple, clear in composition.
Rules on the overall composition of buildings.
Preliminary design of constructions made of masonry, reinforced concrete, metal, wood.
Load-bearing masonry structures - composition rules, construction conditions, calculation trengths and masonry calculation principles.
Concrete and reinforced concrete - construction material, mechanical properties.
The foundations of reinforced concrete theory. Working stages of reinforced concrete elements.
Calculation of structural elements (linear, beams or columns) of reinforced concrete at centric compression, centric tension, pure bending, unidirectional or bidirectional axial force bending.
Reinforced concrete structural walls - pre-sizing, rules for positioning reinforced concrete walls in plan and elevation, constructive and minimum conditions regarding the composition of reinforced concrete structural walls, calculation of stiffness center of stiffness for structures consisting of reinforced concrete structural walls.
Reinforced concrete floors. Classification, construction types of floors, pre-sizing elements in the composition of floors, calculation of efforts and deformations for floor tiles, construction and / or minimum rules and conditions for reinforced concrete floors.
Evaluation of the level of seismic action, seismic force.
Infrastructures - classification, construction details for different structural types, pre-sizing foundations under pillars or walls.
Teaching Method:
Illustrated theoretical lectures with digital images and applications.
Video lectures related to the topics in the content.
The evaluation is performed in the exam session in the form of a semester exam, written, with theoretical and applied content.
The assessment consists of two grid tests, one test includes theoretical questions and the second includes applications - problems.
P 100 - 1/2013 Seismic design code for buildings - Part I - Design provisions for buildings.
SR EN 1990: 2004 / NA: 2006 Eurocode: Basics of structural design. National Annex interpreted together with CR 0/2012 Basics of design of structures in constructions - Classification and grouping of actions.
SR EN 1991-1-1: 2004 / NA: 2006 Eurocode 1: Actions on constructions. Specific weights, own weights, operating loads for construction. National Annex.
SR EN 1991-1-3: 2005 / NA: 2006 Eurocode 1: Actions on structures. Snow loads. National Annex interpreted CR 1–1–3 / 2012 Assessment of the action of snow on constructions.
SR EN 1991-1-4: 2006 / NB: 2007 Eurocode 1: Actions on structures. Wind loads. National Annex interpreted CR 1–1–4 / 2012 Evaluation of the action of wind on constructions.
P 130/1999 Norm for monitoring the behavior of buildings over time.
CR 6/2013 Design code for masonry structures.
CR 2-1.-1.1 / 2013 Design code for constructions with reinforced concrete structural walls.
NP 074/2014 Norm on geotechnical documentation for constructions
NP 112/2004 Norm for the design of direct foundation structures approved by Od. MTCT no. 275 / 23.02.2005
NP 112/2014 Norm for the design of surface foundations
Law no. 10/1995 republished in 2015, containing the amendments associated with law 177/2015
HG. no. 766/1997 Regulations regarding the quality assurance of the constructions and the follow-up of their behavior in operation together with the completions and modifications from H.G. no. 675 / 03.07.2002
Law no. 50/1991 regarding the authorization of the execution of construction works republished in 2004, together with the Methodological Norms for the Application of Od. MTCT no. 1430/2005, together with GEO no. 214/2008 pt. Amendment and completion of Law no. 50/1991 together with Od. MDRL no. 119 / 26.02.2009 regarding the modification and completion of the Methodological Norms for application