ST-78 Buildings' Physics (2)

The Faculty of Architecture / Architecture
4th Year, sem 2, 2022-2023 | Compulsory Course | Hours/Week: 2C | ECTS Credits: 3
Technical Sciences
Course Leader:
conf. Radu Pană
Teaching Staff:
prof.dr.arh. Marius Smigelschi conf.dr.arh. Radu Pană
Teaching language:
Learning outcomes:
Knowledge of methods and parameters needed for assuring the comfort of the building inhabitants, analysing acoustics and artificial lighting areas. Capacity to corelate building physics elements with physiologic and psychological aspects, with specific building assemblies as a hole and in detail and with architectural aesthetic
Part 1. ACOUSTIC CONFORT Physical, physiological and spatial acoustics. Phonoabsorbtion, phonoinsulation. Principles and details of phonoabsorbant structures. Porous material, vibrant membranes, rezonators. Complex phonoabsorbant structures. Principles and details of phono-insulant structures. Simple and double heavy walls, light walls, doors and windows. Acoustic protection against exterior noise at urban level, building ansamble and in buildings. Acoustic protection inside buildings. Principles and general measures, specific to various building uses. Acoustical study of spaces for audition. Criteria, principles and solutions. Practical method for architectural design. Part 2. ARTIFICIAL LIGHTING Artificial light in architecture. Criteria for design and evaluation. Elements of calculus and luminotechnic design. Artificial light sources, efficiency, efficacity. Light fixtures (principles, geometry, materials). Integration of lighting elements and systems in interior architecture. Light surfaces, luminous ceilings. Artificial lighting in various interior architectural areas.
Teaching Method:
Lectures, illustrated (retro-, computer video projection). 1 application work regarding acoustical protection and room acoustics.
Final grade is made of 40% continuous evaluation (10% attendance + questions at course, 30% acoustics paper) and 60% final evaluation. Acoustic protection + Room acoustic paper - launch 6th week, due 11th week.
BERANEK, L. Concert Halls and Opera Houses: Music, Acoustics, and Architecture, Springer 2004 PANĂ, R Teorie, metodă și tehnologie în protecția acustică, EUIM 2007 SMIGELSCHI, M Acustica în arhitectură – UAUIM coursebook SMIGELSCHI, M, PANĂ, R Acustica în arhitectură - elemente teoretice esențiale. Documentare - UAUIM coursebook *** C125-13 Normativ privind acustica în construcții și zone urbane (4 parts) MICLESCU, S Lumina naturală și lumina artificială în arhitectură – UAUIM coursebook BRANDI LICHT, U Lighting Design *** NP061-02 Normativ pentru proiectarea și executarea sistemelor de iluminat artificial din clădiri