ST-11 Building Equipments

The Faculty of Architecture / Architecture
3rd Year, sem 2, 2020-2021 | Compulsory Course | Hours/Week: 2C | ECTS Credits: 3
Technical Sciences
Course Leader: Alexandru Iatan
Teaching Staff:
Prof. dr. ing. George Stoican, lector. dr. ing. Alexandru IATAN, sef lucr. dr. ing. Valentin CUBLEȘAN, sef lucr. dr. ing. Elena IATAN, sef lucr.dr. ing. Angel DOGEANU, sef lucr. ing. Silviu GHEORGHE, dr. ing. Ana Maria Smaranda FLORESCU, dr. ing. Ioana OLTEANU, dr. ing. Ana Maria Biro, ing. Marian AVASILOAIEI
Learning outcomes:

The main objectives regarding the building equipments field is to offer the basic information on how to realize the human comfort parameters and how to manage the dimension problems of the certain systems. A short history of the building equipments systems is also very useful to the final target.


Comfort. Definition. Comfort areas: thermal, sanitary, visual, audio and environmental.
Heating systems. Heating sources- local source (wall-mounted heaters), individual residential heaters, heating co-generation. Heating pathways and distribution pipelines. Equipments- for sources (heaters, heat exchangers, boilers), for the local pipe distribution (radiators: steel, aluminium, fancoils, basement convectors), air distribution (air channels and terminal elements-grids).
Air conditioning systems. Equipments- fans, heat/chill bateries, filters, treatment chamber, noise pulse, heating recovery elements. Elements of the air composition and pure filters.
Air channels. Inlet/outlet elements; air flow controllers of the certain restricted areas.
Chiller sources: chillers- structure, mounting restrictions. Flow pipes for the cold water respecting distribution restrictions.
Sanitary equipments: water sources, distribution pipes, consumers. Interior distribution for cold/ hot water. Sanitary equipments and utility services for bathroom and kitchen restrictions. In-house and rain-drop sewage. Prevention and fire-fight problems and structures using sprinklers and drenched equipments.
Electrical equipments. Sources. Pathways. Endusers. Lighting systems, interior and outside design lighting, CATV equipments, acces&control equipments, lighting devices. High voltage distribution lines.

Teaching Method:

Lectures with image support; visits at laboratories and relevant objectives; student-teacher dialogues. Guided practical exercises.


100% on final exam


1. Manualul Inginerului de Instalatii 4 volume - 2010 – Editie II revizuită
2. Mechanical and electrical systems in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction, 5th Ed, Frank Dagostino, Joseph Wujek
3. Instalații – echipare. Note de curs – format electronic – Alexandru Mircea IATAN
4. *** Standarde și normative cu caracter obligatoriu, experimental și de recomandare.