ST-90 Complex Technical Project

The Faculty of Interior Architecture / Interior Architecture
4th Year, sem 2, 2023-2024 | Compulsory Course | Hours/Week: 4P | ECTS Credits: 4
Technical Sciences
Course Leader:
conf. Radu Pană
Learning outcomes:
- capacity of conceiving and drafting, including using digital techniques, designs of architectural technology associated to interior architecture designs
- capacity of identifying and solving fire protection specific problems in buildings for culture
- understanding specific issues connected to audition spaces
- capacity to formulate an adequate response to requirements
- developing team spirit
The Complex Technical Studio proposes the study of the building designed in the previous semester, "Modular Theater". The study aims solving the problems of room acoustic for the theater hall and the other spaces and also fulfilling the essential requirements regarding fire security and acoustic protection, integrating in design studio activity the knowledge acquired during "Sustainability" and "Building Physics" courses .
The following will be addressed:
1. Fire security
Solving the specific problems of the essential requirement "Fire security", exclusively the part that is under architecture design control, according to P118-99 Norm.
2. Acoustics
2.1 Room acoustic - designing and placement of acoustic treatments with the purpose of keeping the reverberation time within recommended limits and to obtain an optimum sound distribution in the hall, while avoiding acoustic mistakes (echo, focusing, sound shadows etc.)
2.2 Acoustic protection - check the fulfillment of acoustic protection requirements for the building, analyzing sound isolation for airborne noise and impact noise realized by proposed building elements.
Teaching Method:
Mentoring activity is provided by a team of specialists in architectural-technological problems studied and include a consultation program to support individual study which has an important weight.
Evaluation is made by a jury and considers the following:
signaling/solving correctly fire security issues; optimum acoustic ambiance in designed spaces; adequate acoustic protection;quality of technical and constructive solutions; clarity and consistency of written and drawn parts.
UAUIM Lectures Building Physics, Architectural Detailing, Constructions
Romanian Norms C118, C125;
Construction products - Technical documents, leaflets etc.;
Magazines (Detail, T&A, DBZ etc).