ST-43 Restoration - Design

The Faculty of Interior Architecture / Interior Architecture
4th Year, sem 2, 2020-2021 | Compulsory Course | Hours/Week: 2C+2P | ECTS Credits: 4
Technical Sciences
Course Leader:
lect.dr.arh. Anamaria Mortu
Learning outcomes:

A complex academic and professional exercise, comprising individual and team work: knowledge and understanding of the cultural heritage value of an architectural complex, identifying and inventorying those characteristics and elements which give an object its cultural heritage value, and which have to be conserved and restored; following the professional track, from documentation and field study, to structuring the intervention documentation in view of the conservation, restoration, enhancement and functionalization or functional conversion of the historical architecture object..
The project has several stages of study and design (before the works), to the technical execution project, including also elements of the last stage, execution details. We insist on the issues specific to interior spaces, which are studied and designed in detail, but without neglecting the general context of the building.
We emphasize the multidisciplinary character of the professional approach and recreate at an academic level the collaboration with different categories of professionals, among which: restoration architects, plastic artists, historians, art historians, archeologists, construction engineers, plumbing engineers, physicists, chemists, economists, and so forth.

Teaching Method:

Studio tutoring for individual study and work groups, the latter being predominant. Visits to restoration construction sites.


ADAM, Jean Pierre. La construction romaine, matériaux et techniques
ASHURST, Practical Building Conservation
CANTACUZINO, S., Re/Architecture
DE JONGE, Krista and Koen VAN BALEN (editori). Preparatory Architectural Investigation in the Restoration of Historical Buildings
DUVAL, G., Restauration et reutilisation des monuments
FEILDEN, B: Conservation of Historic Buildings
FROIDEVAUX, Y.M., Techniques de l'architecture ancienne
FROSSEL, Frank. Uscarea zidăriilor și asanarea subsolurilor
MOUTON, B., Methodes d'analyse destructives et non destructives
OPREANU, M. : Suprafețe arhitecturale istorice, factori de formă, mediu și timp, alte articole si lucrări ale titularului si colegilor de catedra
XXX. Architectures et Decors Peints
Additionally, a bibliographic and documentary study is the responsibility of the student and a criterion for the evaluation of the project.