ST-32 Architectural Restoration

The Faculty of Architecture / Architectural Conservation and Restoration
3rd Year, sem 1, 2022-2023 | Compulsory Course | Hours/Week: 2C | ECTS Credits: 2
Technical Sciences
Course Leader:
conf. Liviu Gligor
Learning outcomes:
- to inform the students on the complexity of the restoration process of buildings as an integrated, and multidisciplinary phenomenon; - to get the students used to the intervention stages and practice the connection of such informations with the design process; - to make students capable to read the intervention measures and their effects on the building; - make students understand the attribuitons and role of the architect in the restoration process; - to develop in the students the capacity to evaluate correctly the decisions of the design team and its final results.
1. Restoration as a cultural act 2. Cathegories of buildings, architectural programs, types of intervention 3. Research stage (I): archive and site documentation 4. Research stage (II): specialised expertises 5. Research stage (III): synthesis 6. Restoration project in multidisciplinary context: cooperation within the design team 7. Case study: urban lodging 8. Case study: eclesiastical buildings - orthodox(I) 9. Case study: eclesiastical buildings - other (II) 10. Case study: public and institutional buildings 11. Case study: traditional village houses 12. Case study: historic fortifications 13. Case study: approaching humidity damages and treatment methods 14. restoration intervention effects and future building survey
Teaching Method:
audio-video presentations combined with visites and on site case study debates
- written and oral examination
1. Ashurst, John; Ashurst, Nicola - PRACTICAL BUILDING CONSERVATION: vol.1 Stone/Masonry, vol.2 Brick, Terracotta & Earth, vol.3 Mortars, plasters and Renders, vol.4 Metals, vol.5 Wood, Glass & Resins, Ashgate, England, 2003; 2. Fitch, James Marston - HISTORIC PRESERVATION / Curatorial Management of the Built World, University Press of Virginia, Charlottesville and London,1990; 3. Lever, Jill & Harris, John - ILLUSTRATED DICTIONARY OF ARCHITECTURE 800-1914, Faber and faber, London-Boston, 1993; 4. Stipe, E. Robert and Lee J. Antoinette, THE AMERICAN MOSAIC - PRESERVING A NATION'S HERITAGE, US/ ICOMOS, WASHINGTON D.C., 1988; 5. *** CO.RE.PATRIMONIU CONSTRUIT - Seria Caiete ICOMOS nr. 2, UTILITAS, Cluj, 2011; 6. De Jong, Marijnke; Van Jole, Marcel - The Power of Example - 20 Years oo Europa Nostra Awards, Europa Nostra den Haag, Nederland, 1999
The course has significantly practical character where the direct conbtact with the architectural object and the authors of restoration (architects, engineers, decision makers, owners, builders, building material suppliers, and so on) is essential