PID-37 Arhitecture Studio (1) I1
PID-3 Study of Form (1) I1
PID-75 Ergonomics and Technical Drawing I1 / D1 / M1
PID-85 Introduction to Interior Architecture and Design I1 / D1 / M1
PID-38 Arhitecture Studio (2) I1
PID-4 Study of Form (2) I1
PID-52 Practical Exercises (Survey) I1 / D1
PID-1 Design Studio (1) D1
PID-34 Study of Form (1) D1
PID-2 Design Studio (2) D1
PID-61 Study of Form (2) D1
PID-54 Design Studio (1) M1
PID-55 Design Studio (2) M1
PID-6 Practical Exercises (Survey) M1
PID-39 Arhitecture Studio (3) I2
PID-9 Study of Form (3) I2
PID-24 History of Furniture and Ornament I2 / D2 / M2
PID-40 Arhitecture Studio (4) I2
PID-10 Study of Form (4) I2
PID-46 Practical Exercises I2
PID-7 Design Studio (3) D2
PID-62 Study of Form (3) D2
PID-88 Corporate identity D2
PID-8 Design Studio (4) D2
PID-63 Study of Form (4) D2
PID-83 Technical Design Project (1) D2
PID-49 Practical Exercises (Materials and Technologies) D2
PID-56 Design Studio (3) M2
PID-16 Interior Design – Evolution and Trends M2 / I3
PID-57 Design Studio (4) M2
PID-81 Textiles in Interior Architecture M2 / I3 / D3
PID-12 Practical Exercises M2
PID-41 Arhitecture Studio (5) I3
PID-82 Architectural Lighting Design I3 / D3 / M3
PID-15 Design Project Minimal Dwelling I3 / D4
PID-42 Arhitecture Studio (6) I3
PID-76 Architectural Programs I3
PID-47 Practical Exercises (Materials and Products) I3
PID-25 Introduction to Graphic Design I3 (opt) / D3 / M3 (opt)
PID-13 Design Studio (5) D3
PID-14 Design Studio (6) D3
PID-27 Grafic Design D3
PID-50 Practical Exercises D3
PID-58 Design Studio (5) M3
PID-59 Design Studio (6) M3
PID-78 Theoretical Licence Paper M3
PID-79 Diploma Project M3
PID-69 Practical Exercises M3
PID-43 Arhitecture Studio (7) I4
PID-44 Arhitecture Studio (8) I4
PID-86 Architectural Lighting Project I4
PID-48 Practical Training in Design Office I4
PID-20 Scenography I4 (opt) / D4 (opt)
PID-72 History of Costumes I4 (opt) / D4 (opt)
PID-91 AllBIM I4 (opt) / D4 (opt)
PID-18 Design Studio (7) D4
PID-19 Design Studio (8) D4
PID-84 Technical Design Project (2) D4
PID-51 Practical Exercises D4
PID-45 Arhitecture Studio (9) I5
PID-71 Diploma Project Fundamentals I5
PID-64 Prediploma Project I5
PID-65 Diploma Project I5
PID-87 Communication in architecture I5 (opt) / D5 (opt)
PID-21 Design Studio (9) D5
PID-68 Technical Project D5
PID-73 Diploma Project Fundamentals D5
PID-66 Prediploma Project D5
PID-67 Diploma Project D5