PID-63 Study of Form (4)

The Faculty of Interior Architecture / Product Design
2nd Year, sem 2, 2023-2024 | Compulsory Course | Hours/Week: 2P | ECTS Credits: 3
Fișa disciplinei:
FI-D PID-63 Studiul formei (4).pdf
Interior Design and Design
Course Leader:
asist. Bogdan-Mihai Ioniță
Learning outcomes:
This workshop comprises a series of exercises aimed at exploring the three-dimensional world and the complex relationships that define it. The challenge of each exercise lies in creating a visual unity composed of various types of geometric shapes. The progression of the workshop involves a gradual increase in complexity and difficulty, allowing participants to delve deeper into the intricacies of spatial composition and design. Through hands-on ex-perimentation and iterative refinement, participants are encouraged to develop their under-standing of form, space, and visual harmony. This journey fosters not only technical skills but also creative problem-solving abilities, ultimately empowering participants to express them-selves fluently in the language of three-dimensional design.
THEME 3 - Convex Volumes Problem
THEME 4 - Concave Volumes Problem
Teaching Method:
- Feedback of concepts, elaboration of the design theme, establishment of approaches;
- Presentations of images, comments, and group discussions;
- Indivividual feedback and working with plaster models;

-assessment of the theme objectives;
-assessment of the resulted plaster model;
-progress and final presentation;
- Gail Greeth Hannah - ”Elements of design”, 2002
- Rudolf Arnheim - ”Arta și percepția vizuală”, 1978
- Martin P. Eidelberg - ”Designer for Industry”, 1984