PID-81 Textiles in Interior Architecture

The Faculty of Interior Architecture / Interior Architecture
3rd Year, sem 2, 2022-2023 | Compulsory Course | Hours/Week: 2C | ECTS Credits: 2
Interior Design and Design
Course Leader:
prof.dr.habil.arh. Beatrice-Gabriela Jöger
Learning outcomes:
The course is proposing a historical approach of the textile materials from the point of view of the material itself - as a construction material - and from that of its usage and forms of usage in time. Considered a minor material in the economy of a project, the textiles have a big importance form an interior architect/designer's point of view, a trade that made its way through the high education and the professions in Romania. As architecs we do study the construction materials, about wood, iron, concrete, glass etc., most of them used to really build an edifice but also used in interior architecture/design, but we do not studied (until now) the textile materials.
As for these reasons, the course is starting with the raw materials and the techniques of obtaining the textiles, continuing with the history of the textile's categories that I consider important from the interior architect's point of view.
The study of textiles will be paralled permanently with the other arts, with the innovations, influences and regional interferences, with the contemporary trends.
The cours aims to form a specialized culture that can contribute to the development of the selective capacity of values and the elaboration of projects with good-taste. In the same time, the designer will be able to better utilize the big variety of textiles, and will be perfectly capable to motivate his creative choices through important examples, contemporary or from the past.
1 Architecture and textiles - the problem and the aims.
2 Raw materials and traditional techniques for textiles.
Raw materials and modern techniques for textiles.
3 Main textile elements with architectural-ambiental value: the carpet - history and typologies.
4 Main textile elements with architectural-ambiental value: the tapestry - history and typologies.
5 Main textile elements with architectural-ambiental value: other textile materials - history and typologies.
6 Textiles in Romania: popular architecture and art.
7 Textiles in Romania: cultivated architecture and art.
8 The textiles' role in realizing the phisiological and psichological comfort in interior architecture.
9 Case study: textile materials in the architectural space - creations by MacIntosh, Hoffmann, Van de Velde, Le Corbusier, Terragni, Aalto, Wright.
10 Textiles in arredamento at the beginning of the XXIst century: fashion and trends.
11 Textiles in arredamento at the beginning of the XXIst century: technical innovations.
12 Textiles in arredamento at the beginning of the XXIst century: usage innovations.
13 Contemporary textile design and usage.
If the health regulations will allow, visits to some sites will be scheduled in due time.
Teaching Method:
Theoretic lectures with computer processed images. Materials samples study. Researh visits.
50% Class attendance and activity + 50% examination
(i.e. 25% Attendance + 25% Paper + 50% Exam)
Minimum Bibliography:
Jöger, Beatrice, Materialele textile în arredamento. Surse și istorie, Ed.Universitară « Ion Mincu », București 2006 / UAUIM - CAR III 4062 JOG
Jöger, Beatrice, Arredamento și textile în secolul XXI, Ed. Universitară « Ion Mincu », București 2007 / UAUIM - CAR II 10381 JOG

Specialized Bibliography - Textiles
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