PID-117 Architecture studio (5.1)

The Faculty of Interior Architecture / Interior Architecture
5th Year, sem 1, 2023-2024 | Compulsory Course | Hours/Week: 1C+9P | ECTS Credits: 7
Fișa disciplinei:
PID-117 Atelier arhitectura (5.1).pdf
Interior Design and Design
Course Leader:
conf. Cristina Pană
Learning outcomes:
- ability to synthesize information on contemporary educational spaces (case studies) and to analyze the existing space: volume, technical constraints (structure, installations)
- the ability to develop an optimal solution from the point of view of functional organization, to express a concept from the overall composition to the details
- the integration of theoretical notions from specialized courses in design
- collaboration within the design team
- passing through the design stages: analysis, design brief, concept, composition, functional solution, model study, detailing, graphic drafting and public presentation
The project for contemporary educational spaces is located in the UAUIM attic, it is a concept/idea project in which students are both beneficiaries and designers.
Each team will propose a design brief with functions for students and/or tutors, both common spaces and various spaces for individual study, team discussions, relaxation, etc., being a first exercise in preparing the brief for the diploma project.
The functions proposed will be argued through SWOT analysis, analysis of the overall context, opinion polls to establish the needs and wishes of the beneficiaries.
Teaching Method:
- theoretical presentations
- site visit and analysis
- individual research
- specific products investigation – finishing materials, textiles, furniture, lighting solutions
- guidance in the studio
- intermediate presentations
- project presentation in front of the jury
- the final grade is calculated as the average of the notes from the partial and final presentations
Eisenmann, Peter - Koolhaas, Rem - Super-critic, Pro Cultura, București, 2020
Higgins, Ian – Spatial Strategies for Interior Design, Lawrence King Publishing, 2015
Holl, Steven - Color, Light, Time, Lars Muller Publishers, 2012
Neufert, Ernst - Manualul arhitectului, Editura Alutus, 2004
Pallasmaa,Juhani - Privirea care atinge. Arhitectura și simțurile, Editura Arhitext, 2015
Zumthor, Peter - Atmosfere, Editura Arhitext, 2019
100 Buildings - Rizzoli New York, 2017

Interior Design, Detail, The Plan, Architectural Lighting