In memoriam

Prof. dr. arh. Zeno Bogdănescu 1955-2020

Rector of UAUIM between 2012-2016, dean of the Faculty of Architecture 2008-2012, chancellor of the Senate UAUIM 2004-2008, Doctor Honoris Causa of the University of Oradea

Prof. dr. arh. Luis Conceicao 1952-2019

Dean of the Faculty of Architecture - Universidade Lusofona de Humanidades, Portugal.

Prof. DR. HC. arh. Marvin Malecha 1955-2020

Professor Honourius Causa of Ion Mincu University, president of the New School of Architecture and Design from San Diego


1945, Barcelona, Spain – 2017, Barcelona, Spain

Professor at School of Architecture of Barcelona and Valles ESTAV, founder of “ RGA Arquitectes “

Prof. Dr. Ing. Mircea CRIȘAN

(19.08.1950 - 16.09.2017)

professor, author of numerous courses - Statics of Built Forms, Structural Restoration, Structures etc, member of the National Commission of Historical Monuments, member of the International Association "Sisto Mastrodicasa", Perugia, Italy (architectural heritage conservation), Centro Internazionale for the Conservation of Architectural Heritage (CICOP) - Italy, ICOMOS.

Prof. Dr. Arh. Toma OLTEANU

Bene Merenti UAUIM

National Order 'Pentru Merit în grad de Cavaler'

Prof. Dr. Arh Zoltan TAKACS

Member of the Romanian Academy

National Order 'Steaua României în grad de Cavaler'

Dr. Arch. Sawsan El-TOUKHY

1966, Cairo, Egypt – 2013, Cairo, Egypt

Professor and Chairman of the October High Institute for Engineering & Technology, 6th of October, Egypt

Arch. MBE RIBA Bryan Robert Avery

2.01.1944, Wallington, England – 4.07.2017, London, England, Founder of Avery Associates Architects

Ph.D. Arch. Dan Sergiu Hanganu

27.01.1939, Iasi, Rommania – 5.10. 2017, Montreal, Canada, Founder of Hanganu Architecture