Foto Sorina-Georgiana Rusu

Sorina-Georgiana Rusu

Lecturer at the Urban and Landscape Design Dept.

Research projects

1. Project director: Innovation as a Necessity, Opportunity and Registered Trademark of University Research (INNOMINCU) Project funded by CNFIS-FDI-2021-0508, Strategic Funding Area D6 "Development of institutional capacity for research in universities":

2. Project Director: "Accessing the Future Together We Design It" (VIP ACCESS) Funded by CNFIS-FDI-2021-0510, Strategic Funding Area D1 - Equity & Access "Increasing social equity, for social inclusion and increasing access to higher education, correlation educational supply with the demand of the labor market (including those related to career counseling and guidance) ”:

3. Project director: "We project the future together" (VIP) Project funded by CNFIS-FDI-2020-0622:

4. Member of the elaboration team - Substantiation study regarding the landscaping of Brăila county. Renaturation for microclimatic adverse effects and highlighting the economic and tourist potential, Phase III, Phase IV, Phase V - 2011, prof.dr.arh. Christmas Cerasella:$FILE/Rezumat FINAL ToateFazele CerasellaCraciun.pdf, respectively

5. Member of the elaboration team - Study of substantiation in order to configure the urban system Brăila-Galați and to determine the territorial profile and of the major development projects, 2012-2014, prof.dr.arh. Tiberiu Florescu, associate professor, Ph.D. Andreea Popa;

Conference participation

1. Organizer of the INNOMINCU Conference: Sustainability and Research Days in UAUIM, October 4-8, 2021:

2. Guest Speaker - International Conference Strategies XXI, “Complex and Dynamic Nature of the Security Environment” December 7-8, 2017, presentation Smart City - New Concept in Civil-Military Planning THE COMPLEX AND DYNAMIC NATURE OF THE SECURITY ENVIRONMENT/CONF CDSSS EN/PROCEEDINGS CDSSS.pdf

3. Guest Speaker - THE INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE STRATEGIES XXI “STRATEGIC CHANGES IN SECURITY AND INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS” - ​​November 5-6, 2015, lecture New Military Spatial Planning Trends under the Influence of Revolution in Military Affairs and Globalization; STRATEGIC CHANGES IN SECURITY AND INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS/Strategii XXI 2015 - FSA vol. 1 .pdf

4. Guest Speaker - The 11th International Conference Strategies XXI, “Technologies - Military Applications, Simulations and Resources” November 6, 2015, lecture The Relationship between the Military Objectives and the Urban Settlements; TECHNOLOGIES - MILITARY APPLICATIONS SIMULATION AND RESOURCES/Extrase_volum 2/RUSU S_THE RELATIONSHIP.pdf

5. Guest Speaker - Science for the Future - K.Šešelgis Readings, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2012, presentation LANDSCAPE WAYS OF INTERVENTION USED IN RECONVERSION OF DISUSED OLD DEFENSE STRUCTURES :

Publications and articles

1. Author of the book:  Planning and designing objectives for defense in the smart city, Ed. Paralela 45, Pitești, (2018), ISBN 978-973-47-2841-1:ón-si-proiectarea-obiectivelor-destinate-apararii-in-orasul-inteligent/

2. Author of the book:  Transforming the “landscape of defense structures” in an urban context, Ed. Paralela 45, Pitești, (2017), ISBN 978-973-47-2672-;

3. Article: The process of planning the objectives for defense in urban localities, in the Bulletin of the National Defense University "Carol I":;

4. Article: Military and civilian requirements in the planning process of defense objectives in urban localities, in Revista Gândirea Militară Românească: GMR/2018 gmr/1-2 2018 gmr/GMR 1-2-2018.pdf;

5. Article: Synergy - essential condition for success in the process of civil-military spatial planning in the smart city, in the Bulletin of the National Defense University "Carol I", Ed. Of the National Defense University "Carol I", No.2 (2018), Bucharest, ISSN online 2065-8281:

Workshops, competitions

1. II PRIZE The International Solutions Competition “Arranging the Cluj-Napoca East Park” 2021– Project no. 107 - OS4996 - Karres en Brands Landschapsarchitecten B.V and “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism - project team member:

2. Nomination for the Brigadier General Award Constantin Hîrjeu, for the section Resource Management for Defense, for the author Rusu, SG, (2018), Planning and designing objectives for defense in the smart city, Ed. Paralela 45, Pitești - Romanian Military Thinking Awards 2019 :

3. INNOSCAPES Workshop Coordinator: Research through experimental projects in UAUIM and realization of experimental green walls, within the INNOMINCU project (2021), in order to develop, in the university, the applied research through the project:

4. The Greening Mincu Initiative (2021) in collaboration with Urban Landscapes Romania - Dutch-Romanian Partnership for Greener Cities - The aim of the projects carried out within the initiative is to promote the activation of the urban landscape in Romania, through examples of sustainable landscaping solutions;

5. Coordinator of the Romanian team - First place at international student workshop “Conservation of immovable cultural heritage, Balchik” organized by Landscape architects from Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria, 2012;

Other information 

Initiator and administrator of the Educational Platform of UAUIM-ALLBIM University, Partnership Agreement no. 6900 / 26.10.2020