Innovative technologies and, in particular, nanotechnology are multidisciplinary issues, involving various research topics: from molecular biology to chemistry, from materials science to physics, and engineering. Over the last decade the applications of nanotechnology have been developed rapidly influencing several industry areas, having significant economic implications. Their pervasiveness is primarily due to their effect to the materials: from wood to textiles up to self-cleaning cement materials, allowing them new features and unusual performance. The dissemination of knowledge on nanotechnology, nanomaterials and their use is now a necessary step by considering the enormous potential applications that nanotechnologies offer in terms of materials development, techniques and uses. In particular, in the architecture field, including both new construction and Cultural Heritage with its conservation, nanotechnology is providing a significant input to innovation in processes and traditional products.

Palermo, 26-28 March 2009


In each session posters will be displayed during all the day.


The Conference aims at promoting knowledge of nanotechnology and its application in the construction field, providing an overview of the ongoing research activities in the international area, the available techniques and the existing products. The Conference represents a good opportunity to review the status of art in the application of nanotechnologies to architecture allowing to a cultural exchange among people from public institutions and industry in order to stimulate the initiatives of cooperation, and to start up and speed up the efforts in this field.



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