UAUIMAnunțuriA patra Conferință internațională de cercetare studențească – Praga, 13 mai 2016

A patra Conferință internațională de cercetare studențească, Praga, 13 mai 2016

22 februarie 2016

Stimați studenți ai UAUIM,

University of New York în Praga și Empire State College, NY, organizează la Praga în data de 13 mai 2016 cea de a Patra Conferință internațională de Cercetare Studențească.

Conferința se adresează studenților la licență și master.

Termenul limită de trimitere a lucrărilor pentru secțiunile Poster și Prezentare este 8 mai 2016.

Pentru mai multe detalii consultați anunțul original și site-ul conferinței.

ISRC – Fourth International Student Research Conference

Call for papers

May 13, 2016 Prague, Czech Republic
(The House of National Minorities, Vocelova 602/3 Prague 2)

Abstract submission deadline for posters and presentations: May 8, 2016
Online submissions at

ISRC is an annual opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to present their research. Students of all academic levels, including freshmen and graduates, may present their scholarly work at the conference.

ISRC provides students with an opportunity to represent their school as well as their own research. The audience is also able to engage with the presenters by providing feedback or asking questions during the Q&A session. Not only does ISRC provide an opportunity to share knowledge and experience, but it also serves as a connecting point for students to create relationships and network with peers and professionals from all around Europe.

Students who choose to submit their research proposal for evaluation in order to present, will be selected to present orally or during specific time blocks, or will construct a poster during the intermission. All presentations and research proposals submitted beforehand will be enrolled into a competition for the top three research presentations. The winning research submission will be awarded and will be given the opportunity of being published in the magazine “Psychologie Dnes” (Psychology Today).

The Student Research Conference is an event organized annually by University of New York in Prague in cooperation with Empire State College, NY.