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Conferință internatională „ISSUES?” la Belgrad — 11-12 noiembrie 2013

25 octombrie 2013

Facultatea de Arhtiectura a Universitatii din Belgrad va invita la Conferinta internationala ISSUES? Concerning the projects of Peter Eisenman in 11-12 noiembrie 2013. Peter Eisenman si o serie de alti arhitecti de renume international vor discuta si analiza activitatea profesionala si didactica a lui peter Eisenman, desfasurata in ultimii 50 de ani.

Pentru mai multe detalii va rog consultati afisul alaturat si anuntul in limba engleza de mai jos.

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ISSUES? Concerning the projects of Peter Eisenman

The conference will be held in Belgrade, on 11th and 12th of November 2013.

It is organized by the University of Belgrade - Faculty of Architecture and the Center for Ethics, Law and Applied Philosophy (CELAP), and it will focus on Peter Eisenman's long and outstanding oeuvre.

Thematization of almost 50 years of his theoretical and educational work and almost 25 years of his full-time architectural practice is seen here as vital to the understanding of both the past and the presence of contemporary architecture.

From the questions related to Renaissance heritage to the problems associated with disciplinary autonomy and the digital, the conference aims to provide a space for a critical debate among architects and theorists.

Built upon our previous experiences with the Architecture of Deconstruction / The Specter of Jacques Derrida (, this year's conference will provide a new and challenging form of interaction.

It will disconnect from the standard model for scientific gatherings - session presentations followed by short discussion between participants.

Conference will indeed be organized in several sessions, but as a form of thematic conversations with Peter Eisenman, regarding his work.

Participants are welcome to provide rich and diverse readings on a number of subjects: to share their insights with Eisenman and with each other.

Attached above is the accompanying conference material.

Looking forward to seeing you in Belgrade.

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