UAUIMAnunțuriDeplasare organizată – Bienala de arhitectură de la Veneția, 21-29 septembrie 2014

Deplasare organizată – Bienala de arhitectură de la Veneția, 21-29 septembrie 2014

Publicat 23 mai 2014, actualizat 22 septembrie 2014

Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism session organized within the 14th International Architecture Exhibition of la Biennale di Venezia

The Modernity in-between Vision and Inquiry
University session – THEMATIC SEMINAR - September 26, 2014
hours : 11.00-13.00 Venue: Sale d'Armi Nord, Arsenale


11:00: Opening
Bogdan Tofan

11.15: Keynote: Ana Maria Crisan
Universal modern architecture language - vocabulary ORIGINS in Italian context - LC case.

11.45: Alexandra Pacescu
50 Shades of Modernism

12.00: Vlad Eftenie
Photographic intercourse on Romanian Moderniy – Bucharest

12.15: Alexandru Crisan
Fundamentals visions - feedback on the 14-th Biennale approach

12.30: Site Under Construction team/ Romanian Pavilion
feedback on the 14th Biennale theme and on the Romanian Pavilion approach

12.45: Ana Maria Crisan & all
Workshop introduction and discussion: ELEMENTS: EVOLUTION?

12.55: Conclusion:
Short presentation - Contextual Identity - a seminar thematic publication.

Theme : The seminar is approaching the Fundamentals Biennale theme, from the contextual identity perspective. The subjects touch: the origins of modern language, the visual modern identity and the Romanian National Pavilions’ expression in the 14th International Architecture Exhibition.

Workshop: Beyond the contextual identity, the discussion is oriented as an applied exercise in the direction of global interpretation. Centring the thematic research exposed in the Central Pavilion in Giardini - Elements of Architecture - the workshop question the evolution. The exercise aims to underline and question the models re-loading in the modern and contemporary architecture vocabulary. Workshop topic: Elements of Architecture- Evolution?

Speakers: vice-commissary of the Romanian Pavilion arch. PhD. BOGDAN TOFAN, arch. PhD. Lecturer ANA MARIA CRISAN, arch. assist. ALEXANDRA PACESCU, PhD. Lecturer VLAD EFTENIE , arch. PhD. Lecturer ALEXANDRU CRISAN, Romanian Pavilion authors – team SITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION.

Coordinator: arch. PhD. Lecturer ANA MARIA CRISAN