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Environscape - a manifesto

After almost 10 years since the European Landscape Convention publication, it’s time to discuss its outcomes as time passes by and the conditions surrounding us are continuously moving and changing. In fact the 2nd blu+verde Congress focuses on the visions the Convention describes and their relationship to architectural and environmental design, urban and territorial planning, green and engineering technologies, social sciences and other related scientific, industrial and professional fields.

The questions are: What do we want our world to become in the future and how do we design for that vision? And what about the world? Just what is our world today? Sometime it’s local, sometimes it’s integrated and confused inside the flux of all the rivers of knowledge that are crossing this interactive planet based on the digital nets.

The 2nd blu+verde Congress aspires to be a manifesto for those who believe in inter- and trans-disciplinarity.

We are glad about the long term relation that developed between ETSAM and UAUIM, pointing out common cultures and mentalities.

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