Foto Melania Dulămea

Melania Dulămea

Associate Professor at the Basics of Architectural Design Dept.

Research projects

1. Project: "Development of research-development and innovation infrastructure within UAUIM by introducing new Virtual Reality media in exposing the innovative results of project research in the Departments of the Basics of Architectural Design and Synthesis of Architectural Design of UAUIM", acronym VRtransFORM, selected for funding following the UAUIM 2021 Research Competition (UAUIM-FFCSU-2021-003) - project manager

2. Grant type Bd 2006-2008 - CNCSIS 2006 grants competition 2006 Scientific research / artistic creation scholarship for young doctoral students, for the study “Architecture, society - landmarks of the contemporary architectural space” - grant holder

3. CNCSIS Grant “Implementation of European Union strategies and policies in the urban management and marketing of a municipality with high tourist potential. Case study on waste management and monitoring of environmental parameters ”2003-2005
Partners: SC ICPE SA Bucharest, ECOPROIECT Bucharest, sinTactic Grup Bucharest, Constanta City Hall, SC CALORIS Group SA, CPP Bucharest. The project received the First Prize of the National Authority for Scientific Research (ANCS) in 2005 - member of the research team

4. Research project Fachhochschule Regensburg Germany
Project title “'Entwicklung eines interactive event Getriggertenmultimediale Lehrfilms Uber die Architekturstile des 15 bis 18 Jahrhunderts (ALF) - Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo in Italy, Germany, Romania” - Member of the research team

Conference participation

1. Organizer UAUIM Housing Hub 2021 - event within the Bucharest Architecture Annual 2021,
- Learning from the European City conference, Jonathan Sergison,
- round table “About the city, housing, architecture and other pandemics”,

2. Organizer UAUIM Housing Hub 2020, virtual exhibition,,

3. Organizer Ideas for the center of Bucharest, Stories of future houses event within the Bucharest Architecture Annual 2019, event within the Bucharest Architecture Annual 2019,

4. Participation with the communications “Materiality and Context”, (author: Melania Dulămea), “Reinventing the public sphere - Europolis”, (author: Melania Dulămea), presented at The Urban Education Live Symposium, 5-6- October 2018, Bucharest
5. Participation with the communication "Innovation, creativity, design, education" (author: Melania Dulămea) presented at the ICAR 2015 International Conference and published in Proceedings - ICAR 2015, „Ion Mincu” University Publishing House Bucharest, ISSN 2393 - 4425

Publications and articles

1. On the architecture and mechanisms of the mind, ed. “Ion Mincu” University of Bucharest, 2012, ISBN 978-973-1884-56-1, author

2. Ideas. Synthesis of the didactic exercises of the architecture workshop years 2/3, 2008-2014, ISBN 978-606-638-097-3, “Ion Mincu” University Publishing House, Bucharest, 2014, coordinator

3. “The school of the two schools” in the current architectural pedagogical context - international experiences, ISBN 978-606-638-206-9, “Ion Mincu” University Publishing House, Bucharest, 2020, pages 67-77, chapter author

4. “Conception and creativity - a cognitive neuropsychology approach”, Romanian Journal of Neurology, Volume X, no.3, 2011, co-author

5. “The Neurobiology of visual arts - implications in the neuroplasticity process”, Romanian Journal of Neurology, Volume X, no.3, 2011, coauthor

Workshops, competitions

1. • Bucharest Architecture Annual 2006 - Prize for the section of interior architecture, Rehabilitation and interior design of the house Ds + P + 1 + M, Bucharest, authors: V. Popescu, M. Dulamea,

2. • Bucharest Architecture Biennale 2012, Architecture section, Snagov single-family home, authors: V. Popescu, M. Dulamea, selected project, 

3. • Jury President and Member of the organizing team of the student contest of architectural ideas "Prototype for community" 2018 organized by the association Zeppelin in partnership with Holcim Romania,

4. • Organizer of a student contest of architectural ideas “Ferdinand school bridge - a bridge between school and community” 2017,

5. • Coordinator of the interdisciplinary workshop "Urban spaces, recovered spaces" 2016, organizer of the Pro Magna Association in partnership with UAUIM and OAR Bucharest (through Anda Zota, Andra Paris). The workshop aimed to facilitate the exchange of ideas, methods, visions related to architecture and public space between students and professionals from various areas of competence. 

Other information 

Director of the Design Basics Department, Faculty of Architecture,,