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Alexandra Teodor

PhD arch.

Short CV

(b. 1984) Architect by formation, built heritage researcher with fourteen years of didactic experience on architectural history and heritage interventions; specialized in archaeological heritage – initiated with the dissertation & diploma project (2009), and later extended with PhD (2014), both focused on the Roman urban settlements in Dobruja (Romania). More consistent experience with the practical side of the domain was gained during the implication in The Ambulance for Monuments project, where I’ve coordinate the North Muntenia filiation in 2020 and 2021, but also through various collaborations with specialists from complementary fields – archaeology, historical urbanism and restoration, within the Institute of Archaeology “Vasile Pârvan” (2017-9); Quattro Design (2015); Opus – Architecture studio (2008, probation), all in Bucharest. My latest projects are the NEC postdoctoral research (2022-3, on ancient cities preserved within European modern cities), and co-author of the historical study for the General Urbanistic Plan of Bucharest – the latter coordinated by the employing Department.

Statement of research interests

(=) built heritage (research, conservation and valorisation); historical urbanism; history of architecture; Roman urbanism and architecture; Late Antiquity; (=)digital heritage; GIS/BIM applications in built heritage; (=) built heritage education

Teaching activities

CP-6 Restoration project, IVth y. (since 2012)

IT-14 Practical activities (documentation), IVth y., Romanian (since 2020) and English (2020-21) sections

CP-28 Insertions in the Built Protected Areas - Project, Vth y., Romanian (since 2017) and English (2017-21) sections 

CP-49 Conservation of historical monuments – Project, Vth y. (since 2017)

CP-7 Practical Exercises (Survey), Vth y. (2016-2019; 2022-)

Closed didactical activities:

Other activities:


“The old imperial castrum in a new shape: the Late Roman fort. Case study on Dobruja“, XXIVth Limes Congress, Serbia, September 2-9, 2018 – to be published (see conference presentation)

Sub-chapters in the monograph A Monumental Hellenistic Funerary Ensemble at Callatis on the western Black Sea. The Documaci Tumulus, Volume I, eds. V Sîrbu, MM Ștefan, D Ștefan. Archaeopress, 2021.

Ambulanța pentru Monumente - Muntenia Nord 2020, Intervenția de urgență de la fostul spital „Carol I” din Filipeștii de Târg, județul Prahova, Asociația Atelierul de Patrimoniu, ed. Alexandra Teodor, Bucharest: Editura Universitară „Ion Mincu”, 2021. (Romanian only)

„Antique and Medieval Remains Documented in Old Descriptions of Constanța: on the Footsteps of Marin Ionescu-Dobrogianu”, Historia Urbana XXV, 2017, 87-118. (Romanian, with English abstract)

Documente de Arhitectură din România, new series, Bucharest: “Ion Mincu” Publishing House, co-author and co-editor of the volumes from 2015 and 2016, available here: (Romanian only)

“The roman defensive systems of Tomis. Some issues in the light of the current knowledge”, The Postgraduate Journal of Ancient History and Archaeology (ReDIVA), (2) 2014, pp. 92–146.

“2D topographic data management: a case study on Callatis’ general site plans”, International Journal of Heritage in the Digital Era, (3/October) 2014, pp. 501–529.

“Antique Layers of Tomis”, International Conference on Architectural Research, (Re)Writing History, May 18-20 2012.

“Noviodunum Roman Fortress. A Survey on a City Wall Section”, International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences, 2011, pp. 499–505 (co-author)


New Europe Scholarship within Ștefan Odobleja programme, financed by UEFISCDI, on the subject of Antiquity in Use in Urban Contexts: preliminary classification and case studies on the adaptive reuse of antique structures in modern cities, October 2022 – July 2023.

“The Interdisciplinary Exploration of the Tumuli Landscapes of Ancient Kallatis” (PN-III-P4-ID-PCE-2016-0621, financed by UEFISCDI) – member in the base team of the project (2017-2019)

“The scientific literature on Late Antiquity urbanism, with focus on the borderland provinces of the Roman Empire (3rd-7th c. Chr.)”, „Ion Mincu” scholarship (ICR) (2017)

Historical substantiation studies for Valea Mare-Pravăț (Argeș) and Bolintin-Vale city, Giurgiu county, co-author in the team of Quattro Design (2015) – unpublished.

“Urban and military configurations in the province of Scythia”, self-directed research – PhD, supervised by prof. dr. arch. Anca Brătuleanu and prof. dr. Alexandru Barnea (History Faculty, Bucharest University), SITT, UAUIM, Bucharest (2009-2014)


“Sanda Voiculescu” History & Theory of Architecture and Heritage Conservation, “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urban Planning, 18-20 Academiei st., 010014, Bucharest, ROMANIA