Alexandra-Mara Nicolaescu

Assistant Researcher at the Urban and Landscape Design Dept.

Research projects

- Team member, INNOMINCU_Innovation as a Necessity, Opportunity and Trademark of University Research, Project funded by CNFIS-FDI-2021-0508, link:

- Mentor, ROSE_Secondary Education Project, Grant Agreement no. 380 / SGU / SS / III of 15.09.2020, Subproject title: Reducing the risk of dropping out and increasing the quality of the results of first year urban students in UAUIM [STUdURB ++], link:

- Team member, OPTIMINCU_Optimization of Procedures, Technology and Institutional Image for University Research in UAUIM 2021


Conference participation

- Co-organizer - INNOMINCU Conference: UAUIM Sustainability and Research Days, link:

- Guest Speaker - The event organized by ProGIreg, Zagreb - "Community based urban farms and gardens" on the topic entitled "About therapeutic gardens - the concept", March 10, 2021, Zoom platform. - Guest Speaker - Public presentations “Landscape and Territory”, thematic “From research and dissertation, to project and urban and landscape planning” with the topic “Regeneration of green-blue corridors at the macro-mezzo-micro level of the landscape”, January 21 2021, link:

- Guest Speaker - Conference “Modal Urbanism Day”, with the presentation “The project as experience”, organized by UAUIM, Bucharest, November 9, 2020.

Publications and articles

- Online publication STUdURB ++ GUIDE, member of the elaboration team, link:

- Online publication of an opinion piece on therapeutic gardens entitled “The importance of therapeutic gardens within the urban tissue” within NetworkNature - NSB in light of the pandemic ”, link: -within-urban-tissue - Online publication of the dissertation project within the exhibition “DIPLOMA 2019”, October 11, 2019, link:

- Online publication of the project “Connecting the two cities tangent to the Danube” within the DANUrB research project (project director conf. Arch. Angelica Stan) through European INTTEREG-Danube Transnational Program, Giurgiu, May 8, 2019, link :

Workshops, competitions

Supervisor in the urbanism workshop, first year, Landscape Planning and Planning Section, UAUIM-FU.

- Experimental, educational, multidisciplinary research project regarding the arrangement of green walls in UAUIM, within the INNOMINCU project, guide, link:

- INNOSCAPES Workshop: Research through experimental projects in UAUIM, guide, link:

- Solution contest - General Urban Plan Update Sibiu Municipality, member of the elaboration team (won)

- Workshop on "" EUROPEAN STUDENT WORKSHOP: The Different DANUBE: URBAN - REGIONAL and LANDSCAPE PLANNING at Giurgiu-Ruse cross-border territory. Thematic research on Danube's cultural brand "" in 2018, Bucharest.

- Workshop on "Restoration of the Health Park attached to the University Hospital of Central Military Emergency" Dr. Carol Davila ”in 2016, Bucharest.

- National competition with the theme "Let's make (places)", Mangalia, November 28 - December 19, 2016.

- National competition with the theme "Spaces are connected by pavements - Elis Pavages Space Development, Stoenești Prahova Factory", March 16 - July 20, UAUIM, Bucharest, 2015. "

Graduated studies

Faculty of Urbanism, Department of “Landscape Planning and Planning” (2013-2017),

Master of Landscape and Territory (2017-2019),

Doctoral School of Urbanism (2019-present)

Academic background

- Supervisor in the urbanism workshop, year I, Landscape Planning and Planning Section, UAUIM-FU.