UT-3 Urban Law

The Faculty of Architecture / Architecture
5th Year, sem 2, 2021-2022 | Compulsory Course | Hours/Week: 2C | ECTS Credits: 2
Urban Planning and Territorial Development
Course Leader:
lect.dr.arh. Simona Munteanu
Learning outcomes:

To introduce students in the field of urban law considering its relations to other branches of law;
To acquire some work tools; the knowledge, analysis and evaluation of the judicial framework and its influence on urban development;
A compared approach of the Romanian and European judicital framework;
To know the specific and complementary judicial framework at the national and European level.


Introductory lecture;
Notions of general theory of property right;
Expropriation for public reasons;
Pre-emption right;
Administrative organization of territory; tasks of local administration;
Institutions of urbanism in Romania;
Private and urban servitudes;
Documentation for territory planning – definition, legal framework, category of problems, elaboration methodology;
Documentation for territory planning – the content, approval, change; public survey; case study;
Urban documentation – definition, legal framework, problem categories ;
Urban documentations – elaboration, approval, change of urban documents;
Public survey; case studies;
Urbanism certificate;
Building permit;

Teaching Method:



Final grade will be the average between the project (60%) and the written examination (40%).
The project is the result of different thema issued during the semester based on the documents, studies and readings presented.


DOGARU, T.; DĂNIȘOR, D.C.; DĂNIȘOR, Gh. – Teoria generală a dreptului, Ed. Științifică, București, 1999;
IORGOVAN, Antonie – Drept administrativ;
DUȚU, Mircea – Dreptul urbanismului, teorie și practică judiciară, Ed. Economică, 2000;
SOLER-COUTEAUX, Pierre – Droit de l’urbanisme, Ed. Dalloz, collection COURS, Parution Octobre, 2000;
JACQUOT, Henri – Code de l’urbanisme, Ed. Dalloz;
ACTE NORMATIVE: Ansamblul actelor normative în domeniul amenajării teritoriului și urbanismului specifice și complementare; Acte, directive, recomandări ale Uniunii Europene, Reglementări tehnice și ghiduri metodologice de alaborare a documentației de urbanist.