SP5-9 One day architectural project (5.2)

The Faculty of Architecture / Architecture
5th Year, sem 2, 2022-2023 | Compulsory Course | Hours/Week: - | ECTS Credits: 1
Synthesis of Architectural Design
Course Leader:
conf.dr.arh. Magdalena Stănculescu
Teaching Staff:
Teaching language:
Learning outcomes:
- Testing of the quick reaction to a new topic/subject - The expressiveness of the drawings created in traditional techniques - The readabilityof the message transmitted through drawing, by means of traditional graphic techniques - The correct solving of the functional relations
- In line with the semester's theme and with the theme of the ongoing project - It represents an exercise related to the functional problems and expression of the ongoing project
Teaching Method:
Individual study, lasting 6 hours, on a subject which is known in that day. In each semester there are three one-day projects (2 + 1 one-day project - recovery)
Jury composed of at least three tutors who are evaluating the projects
Specific for every one-day project theme