Foto Oana Mihăescu

Oana Mihăescu

Assistant Professor at the Technical Sciences Dept.

Research projects

1. Member of the management team for the organization of the international competition Solar Decathlon Europe 2023 (SDE23), within SDE Host City Executives. On April 8, 2021, the Energy Endeavor Foundation (EEF) officially designated Bucharest as the host of Solar Decathlon Europe in 2023. Together, EEF (SDE governing body) and SDE23 Host City Executives (EFdeN through the Bucharest Solar Decathlon Association) will organize the 2023 edition of this design-build-operate university competition, with the theme “Build. Connect. Live! ” 

2. Project director, KEY - “Holistic Competition, Academically Integrated Expertise”, code UAUIM-FFCSU-2021-025, project supported by the Fund for Financing the University Scientific Research UAUIM 2021, project selected and recommended for multiannual funding in the field of funding H. Research strategic research and development in UAUIM, within the research competition held in UAUIM in July, 2021. The aim of the project is to create a collaborative nucleus generating expertise in the direction of sustainability, by strategically integrating the design & build competition Solar Decathlon in research approaches and in the academic curriculum, exploring the impact caused by this model of transdisciplinary learning and the pragmatic opportunities for evolution and innovation offered by the organization of the European edition in 2023 in Bucharest. 

3. Member of the management team of the PRISPA project, held between June, 2010 - April, 2013. The PRISPA team was the first team in Romania to qualify for the 2012 edition of the international Solar Decathlon Europe (SDE) competition, dedicated to universities around the world to design, build, operate and optimize a home that uses only solar energy. The interdisciplinary team consisted of students, master students, doctoral students and professors from several faculties in Bucharest, and the initial coordination nucleus was formed by tenured and associated teachers from the Department of Technical Sciences. The "PRISPA" prototype has become a landmark of contemporary energy efficient housing, accessible and adapted to the rural environment in Romania. The house is currently inhabited by a family from Bacău County. 

4. Participation in the team of elaboration of the revision work of the Norm NP051-2000 within the Center for Research, Design, Expertise and Consulting (CCPEC), UAUIM, research contract no. 20/2009 - 428 from 08.12.2009, coord. Lect. Dr. Arch. Ioana Șerbănescu. The research work was completed by publishing NP051-2012 - Norm for the adaptation of civil buildings and urban space to the individual needs of persons with disabilities in the Official Gazette of Romania, Part I, Year 181 (XXV), No. 121 bis dated 05.03.2013. 

5. Participation in the team of the elaboration of the paper Normative for the design of facades with ventilated composition, Drafting I, CCPEC, UAUIM, research contract no. 498 / 28.04.2011, coord. Prof. Dr. Arch. Ana-Maria Dabija.ȚADELOR_CU_ALCĂTUIRE_VENTILATĂ_Redactarea_1_NORMATIV_PENTRU_PROIECTAREA_FAȚADELOR_CU_ALCĂTUIRE_VENTILATĂ_Redactarea_1

Conference participation

1. "A Framework for Implementing Sustainable Design Strategies in Romanian School Buildings Projects" - presentation held at the Conference for Sustainable Energy - CSE 2020, held online on 22.10.2020. 

2. 7,000,000,000 Human Beings Can't Be Wrong: Designing for Human Diversity - presentation by Prof. Josh Safdie (Associate AIA, Director of IHCDstudio, Institute for Human Centered Design, Boston, Massachusetts, USA) at the conference on universal design and space accessibility built, which I organized on 18.03.2013, in the Council Chamber of UAUIM, together with Lect. Dr. Arch. Ioana Șerbănescu. The presentation was followed by a round table on the introduction of these concepts in education and practice of architecture.

3. ICAR2012 International Conference, (RE) writing history, Bucharest, May 18-20, 2012 - I gave two presentations: How School Buildings Can Teach Sustainability, in the Intelligent Buildings section and, in team with PhD Designer Mihnea Ghilduș, PRISPA presentation, A New Vision in Romanian Architectural Education, within the section Beyond discipline (s): architectural education and research. 

4. Presenting the PRISPA project, together with Arch. Adrian Pop, within the National Festival of Art and Architecture ARKA, Iași, 23.04.2012 - 12.05.2012. 

Publications and articles

1. Adaptation - experiences - motivation, co-author together with Arch. Emilia Țugui, in “The Adaptable Architect”, coord .: Alex Răuță and Livia Ivanovici, illustrations: Dan Perjovschi, “Ion Mincu” University Publishing House, Bucharest, 2021, ISBN 978-606- 638-226-7. 

2. A Framework for Implementing Sustainable Design Strategies in Romanian School Buildings Projects, Solar Energy Conversion in Communities edited by Conference for Sustainable Energy (CSE, Brașov), Springer, 2020, ISBN code print 978-3-030-55756-0, online ISBN code 978-3-030-55757-7. 

3. Towards A Responsive Understanding of Sustainable School Architecture, IOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering 960 (2020) 032106, 2020, ISSN cod online 1757-899X, ISSN cod print 1757-8981.

4. School space - motivation for education: towards a rethinking of school architecture in Romania (pp. 63 - 88) and the chapter Conclusions for the elaboration of a guide of good practices in architecture for pre-university education (pp. 89 - 164) in “Contemporary trends in architecture for pre-university education ”, coord .: Augustin Ioan, Paideia Publishing House, 2016, ISBN 978-606-748-170-9. 

5. The surrealist film as a passive fabric of poetry in “Deciphering modernity”, coord .: Letiția Bărbuică, Bucharest: “Ion Mincu” University Publishing House, Bucharest, 2012, ISBN 978-606-638-016-4. 

Workshops, competitions

1. Consultant for the EFdeN team during 2013 - present, during the participation in 3 editions of the Solar Decathlon competition and during the EFdeN Sustainable City, on the campus of the Faculty of Installations Engineering: feedback sessions for technical proposals for qualification and for a series of teaching of written and drawn pieces, for the competitions SDE 2014 (EFdeN 4C project), SDME 2018 (EFdeN Signature project) and SDE 2021/22 (EFdeN VATRA project), participation in workshops, workshops, round tables, conferences, presentations, work sessions, events and practical activities with students. 

2. NOVEMBarh - 2019 editions (focus group on the topic of the New School, coord .: Dr. Arh. Horia Bejan) and 2018 (focus group on the topic of Sustainability, coord .: Lect. Dr. Arh. Sergiu Petrea). The 16-hour hackathlon event brings together 300 architects and specialists in related fields, grouped in 30 teams that work intensively to create solutions. Sustenabilitate.pdf?dl=0 

3. The PRISPA team obtained at SDE 2012 the 9th place in total, out of 18 teams that managed to reach the final phase of the competition, held in Madrid, between August 30 and October 6, 2012. I was part of the project coordination team and I participated in numerous workshops, conferences, activities for publishing scientific articles (author and co-author), presentations, exhibitions, workshops on various topics, practical activities in workshops and on construction sites, during June, 2010 - April, 2013.

• Second Prize at the Energy Efficiency test, SDE 2012, Madrid, Spain, Sept. – Oct. 2012.
• 4th place in the Electricity Balance test, at the SDE 2012 competition, Madrid, Spain, Sept. – Oct. 2012.
• Mention for Social Awareness in Solar Systems, SDE 2012, Madrid, Spain, Sept. – Oct. 2012.
• Second place in the Public Vote, Madrid, Spain Sept. – Oct. 2012.
• ISOVER Energy Efficiency Award 2014, awarded to the PRISPA project. 

BUCHAREST Eco-Rehab. Rehabilitation of a post-war collective housing neighborhood from Bucharest, UAUIM, 2010, member of the workshop organizing team coordinated by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Arh. Zina Macri.

Other information 

PhD in architecture, UAUIM, Bucharest, doctoral thesis: "Education through architecture. Sustainable schools in Romania. An evidence-based design approach through the method of post-occupational evaluation" (2016).


Romanian-French Master “Integrated Urban Development”, UAUIM, dissertation: “Green Wave / Green Fire”, urban restructuring project carried out in a team (2005).

Bachelor's degree in architecture within the Department of Architecture of the Faculty of Constructions and Architecture (today: "G. M. Cantacuzino" Faculty of Architecture), University