ST-58 Metal in Architecture - Aesthetics and Technology

The Faculty of Architecture / Architecture
4th Year, sem 1, 2023-2024 | Optional Course | Hours/Week: 2C | ECTS Credits: 2
Technical Sciences
Course Leader:
conf.dr.arh. Anamaria Mortu
Teaching language:
Learning outcomes:
The course presents to the students the contemporary subjects concerning the use of metals and glass in architecture and building; offers to the students the direct experience from active professionals in the field, architects, engineers, designers, builders, specialised firms, manufacturers or product users; it contributes to the proffessional formation of the students by practicing the integrated and specific thinking with metlas ang glass in architecture; it provides the contact with the professional environment through invited professionals, active in the domain, develops the capacity of students to understand the possibilities and the limits of the use of metals and glass in architecture and contributes to a good professional orientation concerning the adequate use of contemporary building materials in architecture.
Titles of courses:
Premises of the world option for metal and glass in buildings: a technological synthesis;
Iron and iron alloys associated with glass in the world architecture. Iron architectural programs;
Synergy of glass and iron alloys in buildings: a historic synthesis.
Metalic materials, industrialised steel products for the building industry. Clasifications and use examples.
Building with cold rolled profiled products and uses. Lindab presentation.
Metal architecture and earthquakes: engineer and architect in team.
Regulations and performances of the steel architecture: fire protection.
Glass as a raw and building material. Prefabricated glass products for walling, cladding and structure. Classifications, uses in examples.
Prezentation "Glassexpert":Working, treatments, connections of glass and glass products;
Prezentation "Guardian": Glass and glass products for architecture.
Prezentation "Atrium Design": Stainless steel and special connections for glass.
CE design and building regulations and requirements for steel and glass buildings. A glimpse through the requirements and performances of glass products and constructions.
The architectural potential of structural glass constructions: case studies.
Sustainable architecture and the use of glass envelopes.
View points on the esthetics of metal and glass architecture:past and present;
Metal and glass in the Romanian contemporary architecture: tradition, potential, determinations and limits. Arguments for the future use of metaland glass in architecture. Invited architect who build with steel. Contemporay tendences through commented famous cases and conclusions.
Teaching Method:
Courses, visits, invited profesionals, multimedia projections, conferences, practical exercises.
evaluation during the course + final exam
GLIGOR, Liviu - Iron int he Romanian architecture, Ed. universitară ION MINCU, București 2004 (the introduction on material and technology);
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Magazines DETAIL, DB, DBZ, TECHNIQUE ET ARCHITECTURE, advertisment materials of specialised firms, BICAU etc.
Students' interest personal documentation materials.
A part of the presented themes concern buildings under construction with the participation of the authors, designers, specialista involved in the building phases and owners.
The course is offered in association with the optional project for architectural technology entitled: "An experimental structural glass construction".