ST-106 Practical Applications - Architectural Technology (2)

The Faculty of Architecture / Architecture
3rd Year, sem 2, 2022-2023 | Compulsory Course | Hours/Week: 2L | ECTS Credits: 2
Technical Sciences
Course Leader:
lect. Anamaria Mortu
Teaching Staff:
conf. dr. arh. Zina Macri, lect. dr. arh. Ioana Șerbănescu, lect. dr. arh. Daniel Armenciu, lect. dr. arh. Laura Dobrescu, lect. dr. arh. Monica Mureșanu, asist. dr. arh. Andreea Prelipcean, asist. dr. arh. Oana Mihăescu, asist. dr. arh. Raluca Trifa, asist. dr. arh. Radu Sfinteș, asist. dr. arh. Oana Pavăl.
Teaching language:
Learning outcomes:
The main purposes of the Practical Applications of Architectural Technology 2 (APTA 2) are to develop the ability of the students to evaluate and synthesize the technical information needed to design the execution details and to acquire appropriate knowledge of drafting and drawing up technical plans.
The study topics proposed for each module follow the main chapters covered in the Architecture Detailing (2) course. Having as support the architectural project delivered at the architectural studio in the 2nd year- 4th semester, possible solutions for the following systems will be studied: • An interior staircase / stairs. • Roof covering. • Windows, interior and exterior doors.
Teaching Method:
Individual or group discussions based on detailed sketches and documentation taught before each module.
The final drawings will be submitted one day before the scheduled presentation, during the summer session In order to pass the discipline, it is necessary to obtain an average of at least 5.00 (five), without rounding The following criteria will be considered: the quality of the documentation as part of the individual study as well as the correctness and quality of the proposed solutions and details; • correctness of graphic representation; • active participation during practical applications.
NP 063 – 2002 Normativ privind criteriile de performanță specifice scărilor și rampelor pentru circulația pietonală în construcții. GP 089 – 2003 Ghid privind proiectarea scărilor și rampelor, la clădiri. Noțiuni de proiectare a scărilor la clădiri cu funcțiuni civile, Ana-Maria Dabija. Scări – Finisaje II, Al. Stan. NP 064 – 2002 Ghid pentru proiectarea mansardelor la clădiri de locuit Învelitori pe șarpante – Finisaje II, Al. Stan. Construcții din lemn și oțel, Rodica Crișan (vezi: conformarea șarpantelor) Roof Construction Manual: Pitched Roofs, Birkhäuser Tâmplării – Finisaje II, Al. Stan Noțiuni de proiectare a tâmplăriilor la clădiri cu funcțiuni civile, Ana-Maria Dabija Glass Construction Manual, Detail, Birkhäuser Open / Close, Detail, Birkhäuser Construcții din zidărie și beton armat, Rodica Crișan: Dry Construction: Principles, Details, Examples, 2008, Karsten Tichelmann, Jochen Pfau, colecția Detail, ed. Birkhäuser.
The practical applications will be elaborated in groups of 2 students. Before each application it is mandatory to go through the theoretical notions, document and sketch the proposed solution for each announced topic. It’s mandatory uploading the materials (sketches, documentation, drawings) before each application.