UT-77 Guided Research - bachelor thesis project

The Faculty of Urban Planning / Urban Design and Planning
4th Year, sem 2, 2023-2024 | Compulsory Course | Hours/Week: 4P | ECTS Credits: 7
Course Leader:
lect.dr.arh. Alexandru Calcatinge
Teaching Staff:
Departament Planificare Urbană și Dezvoltare Teritorială
Learning outcomes:
The activity „Guided Research” is a practical one, for studio and a guided / tutored one as a research stage to preparing the final graduation project for the bachelor programme „Urban Planning and Design”. The project aims to make use and value the knowledge and skills that students got during the previous 7 academic semesters, in relation to the spatial understanding of the functioning and of the planned development of a Basic Administrative Territorial Unit and its components. The project is a further continuation and development of the study begun during the project and studio of „Bachelor Project - Fundamentals” at a lower spatial level, that of a plot as well as by proposing and design an architectural object. The main competencies to be acquired refer to: efficient use of methods and techniques of urban planning and design for the elaboration of studies and plans of a reduced level of complexity, to the correct application of the legal provisions in the field, to the design of buildings and arrangements of limited importance and complexity and to the efficient application of communication techniques and transmission of relevant information and identification of professional and organisational roles within inter and pluri-disciplinary teams. There is also an objective to developing presentation and defence skills in front of evaluation commissions.
The project for the discipline „Guided Research” has two phases: the elaboration of a Detailed Urban Plan (PUD) and of a technical project for the Building Permit (DTAC). The urban plan is elaborated at the level of a single plot or of a group of plots of a relatively small dimension as part of the larger area studied and solved during the previous stage (the „Bachelor Project - Fundamentals”) at the level of a Zonal Urban Plan (PUZ). The project will investigate and propose scenarios for land use and occupation of the plot area with architectural objects and various landscape arrangements within the framework of urban regulations and competencies of the bachelor programme. The main phases of the project elaboration refer to: position within the limits of the Zonal Plan, assessment of the existing situation and dysfunctionalities, elaboration of the situation plan (illustration), elaboration of the technical report, designing and final presentation of the Detailed Plan (PUD), followed by the elaboration of the preliminary architectural sketches, of the architectural plans and other technical parts (facades, transects etc.), of the 3D representations and of the technical report and by the final design and preparation of the presentation. The selection of the architectural object will be made, based on criteria of relationship to the selected site, on the provisions of the local urban regulations as well as based on a documented research about the selected architectural programme with examples of best practices / models / case studies.
Teaching Method:
The evaluation of the activity involves several components with different weights in the final grade: defending and presentation of each of the 2 phases of the project in front of a commission, the assessment of the project content and of the current activity during the semester as recorded in the „individual activity and evaluation fiche”.
The general bibliography corresponds to the general one of the theoretical and practical disciplines of the previous academic years. There is also a specific one for the selected area and for the desired topic including: legal framework (primary and secondary), urban planning studies and projects, historic and statistical data, inquiries, surveys and data collected during field research.
The project is compulsory for the bachelor programme „Urban Planning and Design”