UT-58 Urban planning design (2)

The Faculty of Urban Planning / Urban Design and Planning
2nd Year, sem 2, 2023-2024 | Compulsory Course | Hours/Week: 6P | ECTS Credits: 6
Course Leader:
lect.dr.arh Andrei Mitrea
Learning outcomes:
This design unit builds upon the experience gained throughout the previous semester and focuses upon translating urban design ideas into plans.

At the end of this unit, students will be able to design a functional residential area, consisting of single-family houses supported by a few amenities. They are expected to employ design principles aimed at producing attractive built environments of a good quality.

Furthermore, students will enter the world of planning regulations via their design solutions.
The design brief supports students in designing an integrated residential area, comprising single-family homes, supported by a few amenities concentrated in a community centre. Students need to develop the single-family homes into at least two distinct housing typologies.
Teaching Method:
The design studios are accompanied by presentations, debates and tutorials.
Students are assessed in compliance with the following formula:
Final Grade = 60% * Development + 40% * Submission

The development is split further into the following three components:
Development = 70% * Work within the design studio + 15% * Presentations + 15% * Workbook

In addition, students must meet the following requirements:
1. For each of the components mentioned above, students need to receive a minimum grade of five;
2. For each project phase, students also need to receive a minimum grade of five.

Inability to meet these requirements leads to failing the studio.
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