SFA-79 Descriptive Geometry (Geometry of Three-dimensional Shapes)

The Faculty of Urban Planning / Urban Design and Planning
1st Year, sem 2, 2023-2024 | Compulsory Course | Hours/Week: 1C+1L | ECTS Credits: 3
Course Leader:
dr.arh. Ioana Avram
Learning outcomes:
Implementation of specific information and applied practical skills enabled by this information in the activity of the specialist, both in study and creative phase and the phase of preparation of drawed documentation presentation and / or execution.

1 Types of representations in architecture and urban planning, projection systems and geometric changes.
2 Descriptive geometry elements – points, lines and planes.
3 Solving roofs with equal slopes.
4 Chage of projection planes.
5 Drawing shadows in axonometric projection.
6 Drawing shadows in double orthogonal projection.
7 Regular polyhedrons and Semi-regular polyhedrons – representations, visibility, plane sections.

Practical themes

1 Point and line representation in double projection or axonometric view.
2 Line and plane. Condition for a line to own to a plane.
3 Solving roofs with equal slopes.
4 Solving roofs with equal slopes. 1st Test
5 Chage of projection planes.
6 Shadows in axonometric projection.
7 Shadows in orthogonal double projection .
Teaching Method:
Lectures, computer drawings examples, study on 3D representations, practical works at the drawing board with guidance.
The final grade will be calculated as follows:
40% Average of the 5th applications themes+ 60% Exam grade
with the requirement that the exam grade is at least 5.
1st test: solving roofs with equal slopes
2nd test: shadows in axonometric projection

More information about the exam organization can be obtained by email address: gd.urbanism@gmail.com
Mircea Enache și Iulius Ionescu - Geometrie descriptivă și perspectivă, Ed.D.P., 1982
Gh. Marinescu – Geometrie descriptivă, Ed.D.P., 1997
Doina Niculae – Noțiuni de G.D. în reprezentările de arhitectură, Ed.U.I.M., 2004
Aurelian Tănăsescu – Geometrie descriptivă, perspectivă, axonometrie, Ed.D.P., 1975