UT-8 Communication and Study Techniques

The Faculty of Urban Planning / Urbanism and Territorial Management
1st Year, sem 1, 2023-2024 | Compulsory Course | Hours/Week: 1C+1L | ECTS Credits: 2
Course Leaders:
asist.dr.urb. Dana Milea
Learning outcomes:
1. Acquiring knowledge on communication understanding and management
2. Understanding specific communication instruments and mechanism
3. Understanding, use and control on communication forms
Lecture 1: Introduction. Communiction definition. Types of communication.
Lecture 2: Communication functions. Non-verbal communication. Characteristics.
Lecture 3: Non-verbal communication forms. Verbal communication.
Lecture 4: Verbal communication forms and effects.
Lecture 5: Kinesics. Gesture clasification. Proxemics and behaviour category.
Lecture 6: Listening functions and techniques.
Lecture 7: Public presentation.
Teaching Method:
Illustrated lectures, practical exercises
Grading 1: (E1 + E2 + AO + AF1 + AF2) / 5 (minim 5)
Grading 2: [(E1 + E2 + AO) / 3 + EX] /2 (minim 5)

(E1) Essay 1 – book review from the provided literature
(E2) Essay 2 – comparative analysis of two film titles from the provided bibliography
(AO) Compulsory practical application – PRESTO presentation (PRESent your TOpic)
(AF1) Optional practical application 1 – improvisation (individual)
(AF2) Optional practical application 2 – improvisation (team)
(EX) Examen scris + PRESTO
Literature is provided in order to prepare the E1 essay.

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Bibliografie multimedia:

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