UT-114 European Legislation

The Faculty of Urban Planning / Urbanism and Territorial Management
3rd Year, sem 1, 2023-2024 | Compulsory Course | Hours/Week: 1C | ECTS Credits: 2
Course Leader:
urb. Paul Muresan Iuga
Learning outcomes:
The course seeks understanding by students of the relationship between national and European Community legislation and basic knowledge in urban planning documents adopted at EU level.
Discipline is part of the module of Planning and Legislation, aimed to familiarize students with the tools of urban planner.
During 3 lectures will expose the main concepts on:
• categories of legal acts adopted at EU level and the relationships which they set with national legislation in the Member States and
• main acts / documents / treaties concerning the specific area and
• how they operate in Romania.
Teaching Method:
illustrated and commented lectures
The final grade will be the (written) exammination grade
UE web and of Romanian ministry in the field of urban and regional planning