UT-88 Mobility policies and plans

The Faculty of Urban Planning / Urban Management for Competitive Cities
2nd Year, sem 1, 2022-2023 | Compulsory Course | Hours/Week: 2C+1L | ECTS Credits: 5
Urban Planning and Territorial Development
Course Leader:
conf.dr.arh. Mihaela Negulescu
Teaching Staff:
Mihaela Hermina NEGULESCU Associate Professor PhD. Architect & Urban Planner
Learning outcomes:
• Achieving skills in elaborating Urban Mobility Plans (SUMP) • Achieving skills in designing mobility strategies and sectorial policies • Achieving a holistic thinking and a cross-disciplinary perspective on urban mobility issues • Understanding the key role of LUM (Land Use&Mobility) planning within SUMP approach • Understanding the role(s) of the urban planner in interdisciplinary teams for planning urban mobility (SUMPs teams) • Acquaintancy with the institutional, legislative and regulatory framework having relevance for the coordinated planning of urban form and urban mobility • Understanding the ideological, theoretical and practical changes in approaching urban mobility towards the logic of sustainability • Creating a referential framework through studying the European (re)shaping mobility best practices, specific policies (integrated and sectorial) and Mobility Plans • Achieving skills in lifelong learning, self-training, identifying and studying relevant and significant sources of information
1. MOBILITY&TRANSPORT - IDEOLOGICAL, LEGAL, FINANCIAL, RESEARCH FRAMEWORK -2 h 1.1. European Transport & Mobility policy 1.2. Urban Mobility Package / Action Plan on Urban Mobility; topics in HORIZON 2020 & CIVITAS programs 1.3. European programs 1.4. European funds 1.5. specialized portals, forums, databases, web-sites 2. GENERAL FRAMEWORK FOR MOBILITY PLANNING IN EUROPEAN COUNTRIES 2.1. Territorial levels of mobility planning 2.2. Administrative and institutional issues 2.3. cross-correlation (horizontal & vertical) 3. INTEGRATED MOBILITY POLICIES – Mobility Demand & Supply Management - 2 h 4-6. SECTORIAL MOBILITY POLICIES – 6 h 4.1. LUM (Land Use & Mobility) planning (correlation between urban planning and an mobility planning) 4.2. Public Transport policies 4.3. Non-motorized mobility policies 4.4. Parking policies 4.5. Intermodaliy policies 4.6. Freight transport and Urban logistic policy 4.7. Travel safety policy 4.8. ITS in mobility management 4.9. Accessibility for persons with reduced mobility etc. 7-8. (SUSTAINABLE) URBAN MOBILITY PLANS (SUMPs) – 4 h 2.1. SUMPs features (comparasion with traditional transport / traffic planning tools) 2.2. SUMPs Planning cycle – Guidelines 2.3. Structures, methodologies, topics, tools (European models – PDU, Plans de mobilite, etc. – and SUMPs for growing poles cities, in Romania) 2.4. Data and indicators 2.5. Projects and implementation 9. MOBILITY PLANS AT REGIONAL / METROPOLITAN/ FUA LEVEL TERRITORIAL LEVEL –2 h 10. MOBILITY PLANS AT LOCAL / CITY LEVEL – 2 h 11. MOBILITY PLANS AT ZONAL/NEIGBOURHOOD LEVEL – LUM integrated approaches – 2 h 12. CONCLUSIONS- BENCHHMARKS FOR LUM PLANNING
Teaching Method:
lectures with video presentation, (re)search guidance; open discussions/debates
presence participation to debates (20%); exam (40%); individual work (40%)
[1] Urban Mobility Package, EC- Mobility and Transport, dec. 2013 • Together towards competitive and resource efficient urban mobility • Anexa - concept of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans • Deployment of Intelligent Transport System solutions in urban areas • Urban logistics • Urban access regulations • Urban road safety http://ec.europa.eu/transport/themes/urban/ump_en.htm [2] TEN-T guidelines / Linii directoare pentru dezvoltarea TEN-T, Parlamentul și Consiliul UE, dec. 2013 [3] SUMP - Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan Guidelines - Developing and Implementing a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan, Project Eltisplus, IEE , 2011. 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