UT-28 Information Systems

The Faculty of Urban Planning / Urban Management for Competitive Cities
1st Year, sem 1, 2023-2024 | Compulsory Course | Hours/Week: 2C | ECTS Credits: 4
Course Leader:
prof.dr.ing Oana Luca
Learning outcomes:
The goal of the course is to get students familiar with informational systems, defined as the amount of knowledge, data and information related to a territory, an urban or rural settlement.
1. Socio-economic functions, indicators and indices, complex indices, relationship between functions 2hours
2. Informational and information systems in urban and regional planning; data banks, structure
4 hours
3. Informational systems and data banks related to energy and settlements. 2 hours
4. Structure of an informational system for environment. 2 hours
5. Dysfunctions, classification, ISHIKAWA diagram, PARETO graphics; Case study for elimination of major dysfunctions 4 hours
6. Informational systems and databases related to elaboration and implementation of urban development strategies 6 hours
7. Informational systems for traffic. Mobility, accessibility, congestion, traffic plans, circulation phases, centralizing diagrams, flexibility, segregation and overlapping flows, reversibility etc
4 hours
8. Impact analysis, primary and secondary impacts 4 hours
Teaching Method:
Lectures, video presentations, debates
Exam, Evaluation of the activity during the course.
1. Ioanid V. - Urbanism and informatics, Ed. Tehnică, 1988
2. Ioanid V. - Urbanism and Energy, Technical Publishing House, 1986
3. Ioanid V. - Information systems for decision making in systematization, Ed.
4. Ioanid V. and collective - Theory and practice of urban and regional planning, lecture notes, UTCB, 1998
5. Luca Oana - Theory and practice of urban planning. Urban Housing, Ed. Matrix, 2003