UT-66 Methodology of Urban Planning Design, Documents and Documentation of Urban Planning

The Faculty of Urban Planning / Landscape Design and Planning
3rd Year, sem 1, 2023-2024 | Optional Course | Hours/Week: 2C | ECTS Credits: 3
Course Leader:
prof.dr.arh. Florin Machedon
Learning outcomes:
The course aims to introduce the urban planning/ landscape planning student in urban design methodologies with reference to both the established models of academic learning models and unconventional alternatives which may promote general projects and / or custom ones.

The course aims learning how to approach and operate (exhaustively) within both the legislative framework and with elements of the "informal environment" ("creative urbanism"), that can guarantee the promotion of the project and the design of a custom method. This method will be used to develop projects and support urban and landscape planning projects, administrative actions and environmental management.
The course has the following structure:
1. structuring, classification design methods (models / modeling)
2. definition of the method design (decomposition-recomposition-based on "scenarios")
3. method vs. Romanian legislative framework for architectural design, urban planning and landscape design
4. types of documentation (PUG, PUZ, PUD)
5. model of design method: ETH Zuerich method (guest - lector.arh.dr. Ana Maria MACHEDON)
6. model of design method: AA method Mendrisio (guest - lector.arh.dr. Dragos DORDEA)
7. model of design method: DUI-INSA Lyon / Bucharest method
8. model of design method: Fondacion Metropoli Madrid / Bucharest area / Beds method
9. model of design method:TU Delft method (PhD. arch. Matthew BOGOESCU)
10. model of design method: TU Berlin method (PhD. urb. GEAMBAZU Serin)
11. model of design method: Fondacion Metropoli Madrid / Murcia method
12. model of design method: PUD / (various)
13. model of design method: PUZ / (ex. AIHC-B / Otopeni)
14. pricing models for urbanism and landscape design (model Eng. M. ISTRATE, OAR)
15. synthesis course discussions, questions
Teaching Method:
public presentation of a pseudo project * - exercise the development of methodology for a "u-chronic" type of project, PUG (General urban plan);
MERLIN, Pierre, CHOAY, Françoise, Dictionnaire de L’Urbanisme et de L’Amenagement, Ed. PUF, 1988
ROUDAUT, Jean, Les Villes imaginaires dans la litterature francaise, Ed. Hatier, Paris, 1990
HARHOIU, Dana, București un oraș între orient și occident - Bucarest une ville entre orient et occident, Ed. Simetria, București,1997
DE LAS RIAVAS, Juan Luis, VEGARA, Alfonso, Territorios inteligentes, Ed. Fundacion Metropoli, 2004
STEENBERGEN, Clemens, (…), Composing Landscpes (…), Ed. Birkhӓuser, Basel-Boston-Berlin, 2008
*** legislația românească de urbanism în vigoare (2016)
The course is mandatory for:
• Urban Design and Planning (PPU - UAUIM-FU);
• Landscape Design and Planning (app- UAUIM-FU);