UT-97 Localization criteria in the regional development

The Faculty of Urban Planning / Territorial Planning and Regional Development
1st Year, sem 2, 2023-2024 | Compulsory Course | Hours/Week: 1C+1L | ECTS Credits: 4
Course Leader:
conf.dr. Radu Săgeată
Learning outcomes:
The course aims to explain the criteria for locating economic activities and economic models of regional development in relation to the local and regional territorial specifics. Students are familiar with the territorial distribution of natural and anthropogenic resources / labour, with the territorial discrepancies between production and consumption that determine the direction of flows of raw materials, finished products and labor, as well as economic development policies that influence the location of investments. It also presents and explains the situation of economic development at the regional level on the globe and in Romania and the factors that contributed to it, detailing some representative case studies.
A. Lectures :
I. Resources, factors of economic localization.
1. The distribution of energy resources in the world and in Romania and the relations with the location of investments in industry.
2. Resources and location of industrial activities. Case study : ferrous ores and steel industry.
3. Resources and relocation of industrial activities. Workforce and processing industry.
II. Territorial discrepancies between production and consumption.
4. Production areas and consumer markets. Material and human flows.
5. Conflicts with economic support. Implications for regional development.
6. The role of the ethnic element in the relationship resources - regional development. Case studies.
II. Resources and regional development.
7. Territorial differentiations on regional development.
8. Economic development policies and social implications. Case studies.
9. Economic development policies and environmental factors. Environmental disasters due to wrong economic policies.
10. Regional development in Romania. Territorial differentiations.

B. Practical topics and exercises :
Analysis and explanation of the logic of placing investments in industry and services.
Teaching Method:
lectures with video presentations, open discussions / debates .
individual research work, Exam.
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