UT-101 Models for territorial organization

The Faculty of Urban Planning / Territorial Planning and Regional Development
2nd Year, sem 1, 2023-2024 | Compulsory Course | Hours/Week: 2C | ECTS Credits: 5
Course Leader:
conf.dr.geogr Radu Săgeată
Learning outcomes:
This course is intended to make students familiar with the administrative organization of the territory and the ways it determines territorial development policies. They also acquire notions of administrative policy, the evolution of territorial-administrative units and of the settlement network in Romania. The diversity and logic of territorial-administrative forms of organization in Europe, mainly in the EU countries, is discussed as well.
Content of lectures:
1. Theoretical models of political-administrative regionalization of the territory.
2. Regional standardization in the EU. The NUTS & LAU Classification.
3. Models of political-administrative regionalization in advanced democratic states.
4. Models of political-administrative regionalization in Central and Eastern Europe.
5. Post-communist administrative reforms. Directions and trends.
6. Romania’s territorial-administrative organization. Evolutions, dysfunctions and perspectives.
7. The national territory. Evolution, administrative organization, territorial-administrative units.
8. Inter-communal cooperation and Regional development in Romania.
9. Regionalization as a process and forms of manifestation in the EU countries.
10. Optimization of the territorial-administrative organization in Romania, between tradition and the present, between political necessity and territorial relations.

Practical themes and exercises:
Analyse and explain the logic of theoretical and real models of administrative systems.
Teaching Method:
lectures, interactive presentations, debates, individual and group exercises.
final examination based on a written paper and tests + practical work during the semester
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8. Law No. 2/1968 on the Administrative Organization of the Romanian Territory.