PID-97 Architecture studio (1.4)

The Faculty of Interior Architecture / Interior Architecture
1st Year, sem 2, 2023-2024 | Compulsory Course | Hours/Week: 1C+9P | ECTS Credits: 7
Fișa disciplinei:
PID-97 Atelier arhitectura (1.4).pdf
Interior Design and Design
Course Leader: Marilena Negulescu
Teaching Staff:
asist.dr.arh. Astrid Rottman, Cristian Silviu Valentin, Raluca Maria Velescu, drd.arh. Arthur O'Looney
Learning outcomes:
Initiation in the principles of interior architecture, of architectural composition, of the functional requirements of various spaces.
Acquiring the first principles of drafting an interior architecture project and the study techniques used in its elaboration.
Minimum requirements for two-level homes
The functional division into half-levels and their lighting
About the stairs _ the representation and specific requirements of execution, location and image of the stairs in the home
Light and cardinal points in the functional development on two levels, placement of holes to obtain a harmonious facade
Detailing the main functions - The kitchen and specific requirements, the bathroom and essential requirements of the overlapping sanitary installations, the main rooms and their dimensions
The study model and its importance
Teaching Method:
General theoretical presentations, support at the panel, individual corrections, guidance during the realization of the project, the development of documentation sheets and their presentation, studies based on models
Continuous guidance during the completion of the study
Individual and panel corrections
Summative evaluation (handing over the project and presenting it to the jury – graphic presentation method, architectural approach, etc.)