SFA-118 Descriptive geometry

The Faculty of Architecture / Architectural Conservation and Restoration
1st Year, sem 1, 2023-2024 | Compulsory Course | Hours/Week: 2C+1L | ECTS Credits: 3
Course Leader:
Dan Cincu
Learning outcomes:
The course provides students with the necessary formative elements for spatial perception training, as well as key information for creating architectural representations. There have been selected from classical descriptive geometry only those elements that are able to develop the architect's spatial thinking.

1. Projection systems. Representation of point and line.
2. Representation of plane. Intersections of planes.
3. Chage of projection planes.
4. Shadows in axonometric projection.
5. Shadows in double orthogonal projection.
6. Other methods of descriptive geometry.
7. Solving roofs with equal slopes.
8. Irregular polyhedrons. Representation, visibility, plan sections.
9. Shadows in double orthogonal projection / recapitulation

10. Test 1 Shadows in double orthogonal projection
11. Regular polyhedrons and Semi-regular polyhedrons. Equipartitions.
12. Intersections of irregular polyhedrons.
13. Helicoidal surfaces. Helicoidal stairs.
14. Hyperboloids and hyperbolic paraboloids. Ruled surfaces - classification.

Practical works:

1. Representation of lines and planes.
2. Construction of shadows in axonometric projection.
3. Construction of shadows in double orthogonal projection.
4. Solving hipped roofs with equal slopes.
5. Solving problems with chage of projection planes.
6. Helicoidal stairs.
7. Intersections of irregular polyhedrons.

Teaching Method:
Lectures, computer drawings examples, study on 3D representations, practical works at the drawing board with guidance

The final grade will be calculated as follows:
Average of seminars = Average of the best 6 marks obtained in the practical works
Average of exams = (Test 1+Test 2)/2
test 1: shadows in double orthogonal projection
test 2: Helicoidal stairs
Final mark = 40% Average of seminars + 60% Average of exams, with the requirement that the average of the exams >4,5

More information on the organization of the exam can be obtained by e-mail: gd.uauim@gmail.com
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