SFA-103 Shape Study (3) 3D Modeling

The Faculty of Architecture / Architectural Conservation and Restoration
2nd Year, sem 1, 2023-2024 | Compulsory Course | Hours/Week: 2L | ECTS Credits: 3
Course Leader:
șef lucr.dr.arh. Ionuț Nedelcu
Learning outcomes:
a) pedagogical:
The exactly assuming of the demands required by the theme, which cultivates at the architect students the disciplining of the act of drawing, the patience, the capacity of concentration, the professional ethics and, not at least, the capacity to store the knoledges gradually, from the simple to the complex things.
b) didactics:
Skills in expression and manipulating the tridimensional formes using the material (model and photo).
The tridimensional object and the frame of the image.
Initiation in the morphology of the space (spatial delimitation) from the elementary to reciprocal relations between elements (light – space, colour – light – space, texture – colour - light – space)
1. Essentiality of the architectural form. Support – white drawing paper 35x50 cm. Line drawing, different techniques.
2. Form – perception (tridimensional composition using the ˝frame of the image˝). Support – model and camera. Sketches, model and photo.
3. Form – transformations (substraction). From the form to the object; architectural scale. Support – white drawing paper 35x50 cm and camera
4. Form – transformations (addition). Tridimensional composition. Support – white drawing paper 35x50 cm and camera.
5. Space – spatial delimitations and „architectural transparency”. Spatial composition without architectural connotation. Cardboard model, sketches and camera. Pencil sketches and photos
6. Space an light (white surfaces, white light). Drawing on coloured paper (gray, chamois). Rendering the light and shadow in monochrome technique (tints of gray or sepia)
7. Space and colour. Placing the chromatic surfaces and masses in the architectural space. White light, without texture attribute. Perspective drawing. Rendering in flat tints (tempera or water colour)
Teaching Method:
Theoretical explanations to all the students from the year, a week before the practical work, practical works realised in the studio, with guidance.
The average of the best 5 works = 80 %, the portofolio containing all the works = 20%.
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